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Driving To The Basket With Seminole Freshman Forward Benson Callier

Nov. 5, 2002

Benson Callier averaged a double-double of 18.0 points, 10.0 rebounds and 3.0 blocked shots and earned first team big-school all-state honors in the state of Pennsylvania as a prep star last season. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the Mercer County Conference and the MVP of the Pennsylvania-Ohio All-Star game during which he scored a game record 31 points. Callier is the only player who participated in the All-Star game to sign with an Atlantic Coast Conference school and helped his high school reach the semifinals of the state tournament. He sat down with and talked about how he prepared himself for life as a student-athlete at Florida State, what he likes about the Basketball Training Center at Florida State and where he would go if he could travel anywhere in the world.

What Are Some Of The Things You Did This Summer To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Season?
“I was fortunate to be able to attend classes for one semester prior to actually enrolling in Florida State as a student in order to get a jump on becoming a college student. I did a lot of shooting with my new teammates and a great deal of strength and conditioning work with our coach, Mike Bradley. Both of those things helped me make a smooth transition when the fall semester actually began in August.”

How Have You Been Able To Handle The Academic Transition From Last Year To This Year At Florida State?
“Coach Hamilton and the entire basketball staff have helped me make my academic transition as a student at Florida State very smooth. The study hall hours I am required to do have been very helpful in making that transition a smooth process. In addition, being on campus this summer helped me prepare for life as a college student because I was able to learn how to get around campus and meet people before the entire student population came onto campus for the fall semester.”

What Is The Best Thing About The New Basketball Training Center At Florida State?
“I like the fact that we can come into the facility and shoot, lift weights or do whatever we need to do to work on our games whenever we want to. The facility is a basketball only facility so we don’t have to wait in line behind any of the other athletic teams here at Florida State. We can also see our coaches, watch film and get medical treatment whenever we have free time during our academic schedule. It’s always open for us as basketball players, and that is a great thing for all of the members of our team.”

What Are Some Of The Things You Are Concentrating On Learning During The Preseason?
“There are many things I want to do to get better as a basketball player. The two things I have concentrated on during the preseason is driving to the basket with the basketball and pulling up and being able to create my shot off the dribble. I chose to work on those two things because I want to get my overall game under control. I want to be in control of my game whenever I am in a game so the coaching staff has the confidence to put me in during important stretches of our game during my career.”

When Did You Begin Playing Basketball? What Other Sports Have You Played During Your Athletic Career?
“I began playing basketball at age seven. I also tried my hand at playing baseball and football while I was in high school. Basketball is my first love so I have stuck with that sport and feel that I am improving my game each and every day under coach Hamilton and his staff.”

How Important Is It For You To Be Playing Basketball And Attending School In Your Home State Of Florida?
“One of the reason I choose to play at Florida State was so my family and friends would be able to see me play during my career. It is important to me that my former coaches and teammates get to watch me play. I also think this is a great state with a lot of great basketball players and being at Florida State is a great way to showcase the talent we have in Florida.”

If There Is One Word To Describe You, What Is It And Why?
“The one word I would use to describe myself is athlete. I feel that I can play the game of basketball and as I learn and improve my skills I can improve my versatility and become more of a multi-dimensional player.”

If You Had A Plane Ticket To Anywhere In The World, Where would It Be And Why?
“I have always wanted to travel overseas to explore different cultures and watch and learn about the basketball players in Europe. I feel I could broaden my overall game if I were able to see how the game was played on different levels and by players with different capabilities.”

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