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Duke Versus Florida State Post Game Quotes

March 4, 2001

Box Score

Duke head coach Gail Goestenkors:
“Our defense, our rebounding was the difference in the game. I’m very
proud of Georgia Schweitzer and Rochelle Parent, in particular. They
played like champions. Georgia did the job on the offense end, and Ro
did the job on the defensive end. They’re two great leaders.”

About Florida State:
“Our goal was to wear them down. We felt like they
had to be a little tired after yesterday’s game. We had the day off. We
felt like we would be the fresher team. We thought it probably wouldn’t
pay off in the first half – executing and the pressure defense – but it
would pay off for us in the second half. I think they (the Seminoles)
got a little tired.”

Duke senior Georgia Schweitzer:
“I told my teammates yesterday that I wanted the ball, and they did a
great job finding me open with penetrate-dishing. So I got an awful lot
of threes. It just felt good, I really like it here. When you play well
somewhere, you just get confidence. And when you shoot with confidence,
it’s a different story. Sometimes you’re not hitting your shots in a
particular gym, it gets in your head. It also gets in your head

Duke senior Rochelle Parent:
“We wanted to keep the post players out of the post, doing the little
things like playing great defense, boxing out and hitting free throws.
Early in the game we were getting beat in transition. Coach G talked
about that at halftime, and we got back a little bit better in the
second half.

In (Friday’s) game, I slipped on a wet spot. I already had a strained
hamstring coming into that game, and I just pulled it a little more.
Luckily it wasn’t a devastating injury.”

Florida State head coach Sue Semrau:
“I want to congratulate Duke. I think their second half effort was
stellar. They held us. That first 10 minutes we couldn’t find a
combination to score. We couldn’t find an answer either for Georgia
(Schweitzer). I thought she played an outstanding game. They’re going to
do great the rest of the year and I wish them the best.”

“I’m so proud of my team. We’ve done a lot of things this year that have
never been done in Florida State women’s basketball before. I found out
yesterday that we had never been to the semifinals before and now we
have. We’re looking forward to postseason play and that’s something that
hasn’t happened at Florida State in 10 years. If you all could
understand four years ago when Brooke (Wyckoff) and I got here how hard
it was, for these players to press through that, it speaks volumes about
who these players are individually and personally.”

Florida State junior April Traylor:
“They played really good defense and we didn’t know how to handle it at
times. Georgia (Schweitzer) came out on fire and we couldn’t stop her.
She played great.”

Florida State senior Brooke Wyckoff:
“Duke played great defense. I felt it a lot. And obviously Georgia
(Schweitzer) stepped up as the great leader that she is and knocked down
a lot of shots.”

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