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FCAT 2010 (March 8th)

May 12, 2010

FCAT is coming up! FCAT is coming up! This catchy jingle can be heard throughout elementary and middle schools for the next two weeks, or maybe even longer. FSU student-athletes recently starred in their own music video to show their support, and to encourage and motivate youth to do their best on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). For the last three years student-athletes have offered words of encouragement and inspiration to students preparing to take the FCAT. Each year FSU’s student-athletes support the students in Leon County Schools by delivering personally created FCAT cards and signs, along with pencils and bracelets inscribed with the message “Whatever It Takes”. For the fourth consecutive year the student-athletes decided to do it all again, but this time with a little more swag (style)!

“This year we really wanted to do something more, something different, that would help get the kids excited about taking the FCAT, and excited about doing their best,” said Yashiva Edwards, Assistant Director of Student Service.

Many of the Florida native student-athletes who participated truly enjoyed being a part of the experience, and wanted to share the video with the schools in their hometowns.

“I grew up in Florida (Tallahassee) and I know how stressful the FCAT can be. I love encouraging kids! It was important to be a part of the video because I thought it was a good way to show them we are behind them 100%, and because I wanted the kids to see us having fun and getting them pumped up,” said Caila Coleman, member of the Track & Field team and Vice President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council.

Student-athletes from Football, Men’s and Women’s Track & Field, Women’s Golf, and Softball came together for about an hour on a Tuesday night to star in the two-minute music video, “FCAT is Coming Up”. FSU Film school students, Justin Reager, Rakan Shaker, Johnathan Greenaway, and David Riff also contributed to the success of the shoot by directing and producing the video.

“We wanted to help the kids remember the testing tips in a non-stressful, fun way. The more comfortable and relaxed they are while taking the test, the better they will do. We were hoping to create a video that promoted great tips for the kids to sing aloud without stressing over it – I think we accomplished that!” stated Keyla Smith, Department Assistant- Student Services.

The FCAT song used the instrumentals from a popular hit record by Hip/Hop artists Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy. The lyrics, written by Jamal Collins, are based on the test taking tips students are given to help prepare them for the FCAT: Go to bed early, get a good nights sleep; eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast; arrive to school on time; listen to your teacher and follow instructions; relax; use your time wisely.

The video, along with “Whatever It Takes” pencils and bracelets, an inspirational quote from Nike, and the poem “Anything is Possible” by Melissa Underwood were delivered last week to students at several elementary schools all over Florida. FSU student-athletes received 5-star reviews from all the schools for the most helpful and captivating FCAT video ever made. With all the excitement the video created from the students taking the FCAT, the video matriculated throughout more schools in Leon County, and schools around Florida. Even schools in Gainesville, FL were excited and thankful for the efforts FSU student-athletes put forth to show their support for those students taking the FCAT.

“Thank you for the FCAT video. My student’s really liked it and a few other teachers on my hallway showed it too! This morning was the first day of FCAT testing. My homeroom students wanted to watch the video twice. As they walked down the hallway to their testing locations I could hear them singing it from my classroom. It certainly lead to an upbeat start to their testing day,” expressed Mrs. Flournoy, Math and Computer Applications Teacher, Oak View Middle School.

FCAT testing began March 9th and will run through March 19th. The FCAT is a test given to public school students in Florida to measure their knowledge in four subjects – reading, writing, mathematics, and science. The test is a part of Florida’s plan to improve student achievement. All public school students in Grades 3 through 11 are required to take the FCAT.

Thank you to the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and all of the student-athletes who participated in the FCAT video.

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