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Federica Suess Brings More International Flavor To Women’s Tennis

Sept. 21, 2007

From living and traveling across Europe, Federica Suess finally found her place here at Florida State University. Fedi (as the team members call her) is a German tennis player who just arrived to FSU to help the team continue their climb in the ITA rankings.

Federica was born in Italy where she lived until the age of six. Her mother is Italian and her father is German. This gave Fedi an interesting background and an extraordinary view of the world. After a few years, the whole family moved to Germany. She says that even though she is half Italian, she feels more German than Italian because she grew up in Germany. She feels a little different than other Germans though. She says she is more “happy.”

“I am not as cold as the Germans are,” she adds, laughing.

Fedi started to play tennis at the age of eight. She proudly says that she introduced tennis to her family. Both her parents were into fencing, and none of her other family members played any other sport.

“After I started to play tennis everybody followed me. Now everybody plays it,” she says.

Federica’s love of tennis was visible from the beginning when she kept asking her parents to bring her to practice. She always wanted to play more than the others. From there, her passion evolved throughout the years, but the most important moment of her career happened when she was sixteen. That’s when she decided to go to Barcelona where she trained in a tennis academy with the brother of Aranxta Sanchez Vicario. She says that it is the time and work that she put in there the most influenced her career.

After her experience in the Spanish academy, Fedi went back to Germany where she finished school and got ready for her new experience overseas. Even though she absolutely loves the professional atmosphere and the people at Florida State, there is something that she misses from home.

“Of course I miss my family more than anything, but I also wish American food was more like the food back in Europe,” she says. “It is just so different here. I didn’t know that you can fry so many things!”

Even though Federica has been in the USA for just a couple of weeks, she has already showed that she is a team player. She is always smiling and making jokes, but when the practice starts, she puts her jokes aside and puts her game face on: calm and focused. When asked what her goal is for her freshman year, she answered honestly:

“I want us to win.”

Written by teammate Ania Rynarzewska

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