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Fill In The Blanks With Alex Milan

April 29, 2013

While she and her teammates are busily preparing to move on in the postseason, sophomore golfer Alex Milan took a few minutes to visit with seminoles.com during practice on Monday. She talked about the best Halloween costume she has ever seen, her favorite snack food and who would play her in the movie of her life. The Seminoles will be listening intently as the teams selected to play the NCAA Regional Championships are announced on April 29.

What product do you wish you had invented and why?
I wish that I would have invented the iPod because that would be a nice product to receive royalties on. It would have been a pretty profitable investment.

What’s the most unusual gift you have ever received?
The most unusual gift I ever received was from my grandparents and dad. For my 16th birthday I got a tackle box full of grip changing tools. And a gift card to go buy new grips. They were tired of paying to have my clubs regripped!

Who will play you in the movie of your life?
That’s a tough one! Maybe Natalie Portman? I always love her movies.

What’s the best Halloween costume you have every worn?
I actually won a costume contest when I was in middle school. I was the main character from the animated movie, The Corpse Bride. I had an old dress from a thrift store and some dead flowers to really sell the look.

What’s the best Halloween costume you have ever seen?
The best costume I have ever seen is a little boy wearing purple jeans and a purple turtle neck and covered in purple balloons. He was a bunch of grapes! It was so original and homemade.

What fear have you outgrown?
Thankfully I have outgrown the fear of the dark and the monster that lives under my bed. Unfortunately, I know there is still a monster in my closet.

If you had to live on your favorite snack food – what would it be?
If I had to live on my favorite snack food I would be eating Gouda cheese and dried cranberries in crackers! I love that snack and I have it all the time. Sometimes it does become a meal for me.

Which fictional character would you like to spend a day with and why?
Hmmm. Maybe someone from Harry Potter so we could ride around on broomsticks?

What For Dummies book would you be inclined to read?
I would probably need to read Time Management For Dummies. There are never enough hours in the day!

What is your favorite romantic movie?
My favorite romantic movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Kiera Knightly is in it and does a fantastic job of bringing Jane Austen’s novel to life. I love a headstrong female lead who falls in love in spite of not wanting to.

What’s the most embarrassing moment you have ever witnessed?
When I was in high school I saw a girl fall up the stairs. I don’t think I’ve really witnessed anything too terrible.

What question would you ask Florida State golfer Karen Stupples if he came to dinner at your house?
I would ask Karen Stupples what the hardest part of transitioning to professional golf was for her — among a million other questions I’m sure!

What’s one thing that you haven’t tried but are curious about?
I haven’t gone rock climbing at the Rez yet. I am a little afraid of heights but it does look fun! I might have to try it.

What song would you sing at karaoke?
I would probably take a tip from my mom and sing Brown Eyed Girl. It’s a classic and a good one to karaoke to!

Would you rather be a judge on American Idol or a coach on The Voice?
I would be a coach on The Voice. I watch the show every week, even if I have to catch up online. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure!

What habit of yours would you like to break?
I would love to break my bad habit of rushing to conclusions! I take a small amount of information and make wrong assumptions but I’m working on it. My roommate would love it if I remembered to turn lights off more often too!

What’s the most extravagant thing you have ever purchased for yourself?
The most extravagant thing I have ever purchased for myself is actually a pair of shoes I think. Which is funny if you know me because I am not crazy about shoes, I just really wanted that one pair of teal heels!

What television show are you embarrassed to admit that you watch?
I have to admit that I do still watch Grey’s Anatomy even though the last few seasons have gone downhill. It still gets me roped in.

What restaurant has the best food?
Well in all honesty, my mom’s kitchen! She can cook anything well.

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