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First Impressions: NCAA Football 12

July 14, 2011

EA Sports released the demo for its new NCAA Football 12 video game on June 28 and Florida State fans should be excited. The Seminoles are really good in this year’s game; especially on defense.

Brandon Mellor
Brandon Mellor

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I downloaded it to my Playstation 3 late Tuesday night and because FSU is one of the four teams that you can play with, I had the chance to see firsthand what the team looks like this year. Since it is a demo, you can’t access the roster and therefore cannot sub players or see how good the backups are. But you can play two minute quarters against Alabama and it’s pretty evident that the ‘Noles’ defense is lights out.

In eight minutes of game action, I shut out the Crimson Tide and had four sacks and a pick-six. I recommend downloading the demo and playing with the Seminoles as soon as possible. The graphics are much improved this year and you cannot beat seeing Osceola and Renegade in the pregame.

The full game comes out on July 12 and in case you missed my post a few months ago, here is a custom cover for the Playstation 3 that I found on the Internet. If you don’t want Mark Ingram on the cover, just print this out and show off FSU’s former quarterback Christian Ponder.

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