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Florida Crossroads Learns How FSU Created A Football Dynasty The Champion’s Way

Jan. 30, 2001

The Florida State University football program was crowned a football dynasty by the NCAA in 1995. Head coach Bobby Bowden and the Seminoles have captured 14 straight seasons finishing in college football’s top 5 teams, and, in 1999, FSU was the first National Championship team ranked number one from the beginning to the end of the season. Florida Crossroads’ producer Liza Park talks to team members and coaches to discover how the FSU Seminoles maintain their football dynasty the “Champions’ Way.”

Surprisingly enough, much of the secret to the Seminole’s success is not found in the fundamentals of football…but in faith. Terry Bowden, college football analyst for ABC Sports and former head coach of Auburn University, says, “When someone comes here [to FSU’s football program], they’re going to get a dose of spiritualism, of religion, mixed in with their daily life.”

According to Bobby Bowden, “When we love each other, we’re going to fight for each other, we’re going to be loyal to each other, we’re going to sacrifice for each other…That’s what makes a good team, togetherness. Nothing will draw them together, that I know of, any more than God.”

Tune into Florida Crossroads on your local PBS station during the week of February 5-11, 2001, and learn how faith helped the Seminoles pave a “Champion’s Way.”

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