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Florida State Athletics Enjoys Best Finish In Directors’ Cup Standings

July 8, 2004

Florida State athletics had a lot to celebrate in 2003-04. In fact, you could make a strong case to prove that it was the most successful all-around athletics year in school history with another BCS Bowl appearance, the 2003 Soccer College Cup and the 2004 Softball College World Series – just to name a few accomplishments. The point is also reflected by Florida State’s No. 22 finish in the United States Sports Academy Directors’ Cup Division I final standings. The No. 22 final standing, which is an improvement of 16 spots over last year’s, ranks third among all ACC schools and is FSU’s top finish in school history.

“We did have an outstanding year academically and athletically and with service in terms of student-athletes giving back to their community,” Florida State Director of Athletics Dave Hart said. “We’ve just had a very, very good year. We finished 22nd in the Director’s Cup standings and that’s the highest we’ve ever finished.”

The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) announced last September that the United States Sports Academy (USSA) would become the official sponsor of the Directors’ Cup, the national all-sports awards program owned and operated by NACDA. The Directors’ Cup is the first-ever cross-sectional all-sports national recognition award for both men and women. It was developed in 1993-94 by NACDA and USA Today as the all-sports award for Division I. The program was then expanded in 1995-96 to include Divisions II and III and the NAIA.

Each institution is awarded points in a pre-determined number of sports for men and women. The overall champion is the institution that records the highest number of points in their division’s United States Sports Academy Directors’ Cup standings. The winner receives a Waterford crystal trophy. For Division I, 10 men’s and 10 women’s sports are counted.

FSU's Directors' Cup Final Ranking (since 98-99):

Year - Final Ranking

98-99 - 39
99-00 - 46
00-01 - 35
01-02 - 39
02-03 - 38
03-04 - 22

2003-04 United States Sports Academy Directors' Cup
Division I Final Standings
Top 25

Rank Institution Final
1 Stanford 1337.3
2 Michigan 1226.3
3 UCLA 1178.8
4 Ohio State 1026.5
5 Georgia 1005.3
6 Florida 993.25
7 North Carolina 925
8 Washington 919.5
9 California 899.5
10 Texas 880.25
11 LSU 867.75
12 Arizona 799.5
13 Penn State 795.5
14 Tennessee 755.75
15 Oklahoma 728.75
16 Texas A&M 714
17 Arizona State 708
18 Duke 706.5 0
19 Notre Dame 705
20 Minnesota 687
21 Southern Cal 683.5
22 Florida State 623
23 Auburn 616.75
24 Maryland 599
25 Illinois 597

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