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Florida State – Charleston Southern Quotes

Sept. 10, 2011

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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher
Opening Statement:
“Went out and did what we were supposed to do-didn’t play perfect but we cleaned some things up. Some young guys made some really nice plays and got some experience in what they did. We have to continue to get better. Defense played well. We didn’t lose our concentration in the end of the ball game when the young guys were in. We were able to make plays. We are going to build that depth for the future and we are going to need those guys as we go on.”

On what their performance will show Oklahoma:
“No. Oklahoma is going to line up and be ready to play. They know we have some players and we know it’s a different caliber football team, but we did what we were supposed to do. We played well and that’s all you can do. There were some games today that were a little hairy.”

On shifting gears for next week:
“No. We’ll be ready. When you play big games, you can’t want to win them- you want to prepare for them. You have to take one day at a time. Tonight, we’ll enjoy the win, get focused tomorrow- lock into what you have to do and get prepared.”

On maybe pulling the starters our after half:
“No. We made some changes. We are still trying to develop some guys. We had to get better.”

On the young guys:
“They got juice. They got juice for that ball and they know what to do with it and they’re hungry. They’re learning to play and I think that they’re going to have great careers here. These games are very vital to see if they can go out there and do it. They got game experience –there is nothing like playing when the numbers are on the scoreboard. I’m very pleased with those guys. I’m glad they’re on our team.”

On EJ Manuel’s interception:
“He said he left it inside. He made a good read to the right guys, he just left it inside and he meant to leave it outside- he just threw a poor ball. He knew he was wrong.”

On Timmy Jernigan:
“He comes through in practice every day. He’s going to be a heck of a football player. Just a great kid-loves to play football.”

WR Kenny Shaw
On performance of the offense today:
“You can see in the statistics, over six hundred yards so I think we accomplished what we were out to get today against Charleston Southern.”

On his performance the last few weeks and state of the offense:
“I’ve been satisfied, I’m happy with the team win more than anything, though. Our offense has looked good but there are a lot more games to be played and a big one next week.”

RB Lonnie Pryor
On an improvement in play from last week:
“It felt good to get back out there. After dropping that ball last week I needed to get my hands on the ball, I told EJ it wouldn’t happen again and he was able to get me a pass I could take and score.”

On any change in preparation this week moving towards Oklahoma:
“No, we’re going to continue doing the same thing we do every week. We’ll obviously have some changes in the game plan but as far as preparation goes we’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing.”

QB EJ Manuel
On how quick his focus shifts to next week’s game against Oklahoma:
“Pretty quickly, we want to enjoy the win tonight and get ready for Oklahoma starting tomorrow. We’ve been waiting since last fall to get another shot and we’re looking forward to matching up with them on Saturday.”

On the play of his receivers:
“They played great. I was proud of those guys, we tried to stretch the field and they did a real good job in preparing and bringing what we’ve done in practice out to the field today.”

PK Dustin Hopkins
On maintaining the focus through the first two games:
“Yeah, it’s definitely a challenge. Luckily today I got a few more reps than usual, so it wasn’t hard staying warm.”

On his thoughts about facing Oklahoma next week:
“Obviously, they are a great team. We know we have to do our own thing and put the work in during the week to get the end result on Saturday. Now it’s a lot of film work and getting after it.”

S Lamarcus Joyner
On facing Oklahoma next week:
“These are the games that you go through two-a-days for; go through camp, the off season…This is the test, and I mean it’s the third test but truly it’s the first big test. This is the game you want to live for.”

On the performance of the defense through the first two games:
“Hopefully the scoreboard (showed everything). The yards they got, hopefully that showed that we were focused for the first two games. We were taking it a game at a time. Now it’s time for Oklahoma.”

On the return game:
“We are progressing as a team. These first two games are preparing us for the big test next weekend against Oklahoma and the ones down the line. We are just taking it one game at a time. The special teams, defense and offense – we are looking like a better team. We are just ready.”

DE Brandon Jenkins
On not having a shutout but the defense having a good performance:

“We played well- kind of angry that they scored on us, but we can prevent that from happening next time. We are just going to work hard and get ready for next week.”

On going through an entire half not giving up a first down:
“It’s hard going a whole game not giving up a first down, we tried but didn’t come through, but we’re just working hard and we’ll try to do it next week too.”

Charleston Southern Head Coach Jay Mills
Opening statement:
“We have been playing two FBS opponents a year for the last four years; I don’t know if anybody in the FCS has done that. We might be the only ones. We had Florida two years ago which was an incredible environment – this was outstanding, first class as we had thought and hoped. It was especially special for our young men – so many from the state of Florida – it’s a great opportunity for them as well.”

What did you say to the team before the game?
“I talked with them about – I think it’s William Jennings Bryant – I told them destiny is not a matter of chance it’s a matter of choice. It’s not something to be hoped for it’s something to be attained. We are a faith based school and we believe there is a purpose for everything and it’s by divine choice and we don’t get many opportunities like this; we can’t control opportunities in life, all you can control is being prepared for the opportunity. I shared with them John 15, 16, as well, too. We want to glorify God with how we play. Win or lose we want to make sure that we are honorable and that we are giving back. Hopefully, we are about mission and ministry as well too, so we want to with our play honor him and bring glory to his name. It as mainly about those things and to compete, to toe in, to move forward and to not giving in. There are a lot of ways to measure success and one of them certainly is the scoreboard but there are other victories along the way.”

What positives do you take away from the game?
“We got better; we definitely improved. We have almost 50 percent of out team had never been in a college game a week ago. I felt like until we had a couple of mistakes at the end by some young guys on penalties we were pretty good as far as our discipline, our game structure and our organization. We were playing better up to the speed of the game – the FBS speed than we had before. Our ball security was very good. I thought our defense definitely did some good things. If you take away a couple of big plays – I thought we improved against the run. We gave up big yards on the reverse and on the last play of the game when all of us were trying to get some more players in to get experience. I thought our punt team did an outstanding job. I think we took another step up as far as talent that we played against but I felt that it was obvious from the naked eye to see that we had improved in all phase of the game.”

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