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Florida State Cross Country Summer Workouts

June 2, 2005

Cross Country Summer Workouts
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Florida State Cross Country Summer Workouts – June 2005

Generally we use June as a mileage build up period. The majority of you have already taken your break and have had 2-4 weeks of preparation time to get your routine going again. June is just an extension of that. July will start to build in some quality running as well, but for now:

Mondays:  Easy Distance day  		 women 5/6		men 6/8
Tuesdays:  Medium Distance day	 women 5		men 7
(go easy the 1st two miles then pick it up 30 secs/mile until end)
Wednesdays:   Light Speed		women 8 x 200	men 10 x 200
(full 2 mile warmup & 1 mile warmdown; long striders is all)
Thursdays:  Easy Distance day		women 6		men 8
Fridays:	Recovery Day		women 4		men 6
Saturdays:	Long Run		women 8		men 10
Sundays:	Recovery Day		women 3		men 5

This would put mileage at 35+ for women and 50 or so for guys. We will be at 40+ for ladies and 60+ for guys in July and 45 to 50 for ladies and 70 for guys in August. Again, it depends upon your history. Remember that it is always our goal to average 10 miles more per week than we did the year before during the months of August and September.

If you’ve been doing at least this much for awhile then go ahead and do an extra mile or two a day. No morning runs are needed at this time, but if you can do some total body development through weights, drills and core development exercises then definitely do so.

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