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Florida State Foootball Practice Report

March 23, 2007

• The Florida State football team completed its first week spring drills on Friday as it worked out for 28 periods in shells (helmet, shoulder pads, shorts).

• Both quarterbacks Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee shined during 11-on-11 drills with Weatherford completing 7-of-10 passes and Lee going 9-for-10.

• Running backs Antone Smith and Jamaal Edwards also had outstanding practices as they had several receptions of over 10 yards and broke some long runs.

• Smith caught passes of 25 and 15 yards from Weatherford as well as a 10-yard strike from Lee. He added runs of 15 and 25 yards.

• Edwards snagged a 10-yard reception from Weatherford to go along with two 10-yard runs and a seven-yard scamper.

• Wide receiver Preston Park caught a 15-yard pass from both quarterbacks and fellow receiver De’Cody Fagg was the target of 10-yard passes from Weatherford and Lee.

• On the defensive side of the ball, Eli Charles had a pair of tackles for a loss, while Neefy Moffett added one and linebacker Geno Hayes had a pass break-up.

• The Seminoles will be back on the field at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday with the second half of the practice containing a scrimmage in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Head Coach Bobby Bowden
“We made some progress; there’s no doubt we have a whole lot to learn. I’m talking about just learning the system. As I watch them out there, I see so many kids who are not sure what to do. Once they know what to do they are okay. We got some good stuff from them now; they’ve got to learn what to do. Right now that’s the biggest problem. All the terminology is new, the formations are called different, the numbering is different, the words are different – stuff like that. They’ve got to learn all of that stuff. They’ve got to get caught up. It might take them 15 practices to do, I don’t know. But we are making some progress.

“Tomorrow we will do a little scrimmaging and be in full pads. I am anxious to see what happens with that. We need to get in some pads and get some scrimmaging and see what we’ve learned so far. The effort has been pretty good.”

(On the changes in terminology, etc.)
“It’s typical of having an offense system, numbers, names and everything then getting rid of it taking another one that’s the same plays but they are called differently and you execute them a little differently. They’ll get it; right now it’s just holding them back. It’s not so much the blocking – it’s who to block. Where to line up? Where do I go? It’s more that – it’s not as much the blocking.”

(On the offensive linemen)
“They are more aggressive. They’re more aggressive. They are going to have to if they play for Trickett. They’ll have to be more aggressive.”

(On new plays)
New plays – maybe 20 percent or something like that. Nearly everybody in the country is doing this and everybody in the country is doing that and everybody is doing this and everybody is doing that. Then you have the little side stuff you do that’s different. Whether it be 20 percent – that could be pretty close. The zone – you have inside zone and outside zone. There ain’t no more. It’s just two plays. One guy calls it Mississippi and the other one calls it Tennessee. He has to learn the terminology.”

(On Caz Piurowski)
“I think he was running on the first unit today. I think I saw him on the first unit today. I’m sure he is learning and I’m sure he is not anywhere near where Trickett wants him. But I’m sure he is learning.”

Offensive Tackle Caz Piurowski
(On switching from tight end to offensive tackle)
“It’s not too bad so far. Coach Trickett is a different kind of coach than I’m used to and been around my whole career. It’s a different type of practice, different intensity, but that’s the way it is for every position out there. I like it so far, it’s not too bad.

“I like it better; I’m having a lot more fun. I thought I was going to miss getting the ball and getting to make some plays, but I’m actually enjoying blocking and being down there. I actually enjoy how (Trickett) conducts his practices, how he kind of gets on us, during practice I hate it but afterwards I know its for the betterment of the team and the betterment of myself.”

(On learning the new position):
“The terminology is totally different between tackle and tight end and the new coaches. Technique wise it’s totally different also. When I first moved I didn’t think it was going to be that different, but it turned out it is.”

(On going back to tight end):
“I know coach Trickett has mentioned to me you’re going to have to know some tight end stuff but that was three weeks ago before we started practicing and he hasn’t said anything since.”

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