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Florida State Holds Its Annual Pro Day For NFL Coaches And Scouts

March 15, 2007


    Florida State held its annual Pro Day Thursday morning and was there. The official websiite for FSU athletics got reactions from some of the former Seminoles and photos from all the action.

    Buster Davis

    On how it feels to finally be nearing the NFL Draft:
    Oh yeah, definitely. You’ve been waiting so long to get to this moment. It’s kind of a relief. I will take a couple days off so I can relax and then go back to training on Monday.

    On which NFL team he would like to play for:
    The team that I can come in and play right now. Whether it is the first round or the second round, my thing is it is not where you get picked its what you do when you get there. I know when I get there I am going to take advantage of the opportunity that I was given to be a part of whatever team it is. Just to be a part of an NFL team is a dream for me.

    What do you want to tell coaches and scouts that were watching you today:
    Look at the film. Film doesn’t lie. I am just a good, old football player.

    What’s this process like for you:
    It is exciting. My thing is, not a lot of people get this opportunity. You’re talking about the top 1% of college football (players) that actually get the opportunity to make it to that next level. To just have that opportunity, for me right now, is just a blessing in itself. It is something I have been waiting for a long time and it is finally here. I have done nothing but do the best I can do.

    On how he feels his workouts have gone:
    I have had tremendous workouts like today, great workout. I had a great workout at the combine. This whole process for me has been very good.

    On how he has pictured draft day:
    My thing is just to get your name called on national TV that is always going to be something that you always remember. Like I said, as soon as they call my name I will be ready to go.

    Lorenzo Booker

    On how his day went:
    It was exciting. It is funny because a lot of the scouts asked me `are you going to be nervous’. A lot of them recruited me out of high school and things like that. When you are looking forward to something as long as you have, since you were a little kid, then you are put in that position you tend to tense up. I tell them I went to Florida State. I played against first rounders every day so to come out here and perform in front of a couple of people. It was fun. It was just like a regular workout.

    On working out as a wide receiver:
    I got to catch out of the backfield a lot at Florida State. I was told that was a rare thing, for running backs to be able to catch easy out of the backfield but for me I have been playing catch with my best friend forever. It is more of a challenge to go on the sides but if that is something I can do to help a team I can do it well. I feel like I am better than a lot of receivers out there. It was something I wanted to come out and show. I know in the league it is all about versatility. They will hire one guy over another if he can do more than one thing. Obviously (former Seminole) Leon (Washington) proved that this year.

    On what he wants coaches and scouts to take away from the day:
    My versatility, period. I feel like I am the most versatile back in the draft. Put me in the backfield. I can line up in the slot. I can return kicks. I can return punts too. I just wasn’t really given an opportunity to do that. Obviously when you have (Pittsburgh Steeler) Willie Reid, (NY Jet) Leon Washington and Chris Davis, they don’t really need me doing that too much. That is just something I want to do in the league. I want to help the team in every way possible. If I am just running the ball then I am hurting the team. If I am just catching the ball, I am hurting the team. I need to be doing all of those things if they want to get the best out of me.

    On how excited he is to be going through this process:
    I am going to tell you what; it is easy to get lackadaisical, it is easy to get bored and feel like `man I just want it to be over’ but there are a lot of guys at home that wish they were here. They wish they had a pro day with a million scouts. They wish they could have gone to a Senior Bowl and a combine. Whenever you put things in perspective and realize the situation you are in and just know there is always somebody worse off, it just makes you feel grateful. Besides I can think back to when I wasn’t even old enough to play full contact, using my brother’s helmet and going out and playing catch with my friend when I was dropping every ball. It really makes you reflect on everything it took to get you to this point and really just be grateful you have the opportunity to be one of the greatest football players on the planet. There are only 1388, I was told, in the NFL on the planet. To be considered one of those guys is special.

    On if he has thought about what it will be like when his name is called on draft day:
    Oh yeah, definitely. Obviously I feel like I am a first round guy. Hopefully somebody sees my versatility and knows my production as well as Leon Washington’s production in college doesn’t portray the type of player we are. Leon made me a lot of money because he went and showed them he was a whole let better than what his stats show. Stats don’t determine what kind of player you are. As I said before, that is the best football player I know and he obviously proved that. Hopefully they can look at him and not want to make the same mistake.

    It is going to be exciting. I am sure tears are going to be involved because like everybody else out here, that is what we’ve always wanted to be. That is what you come to college for. Not very many people in the world can say this is what I wanted to be as a kid and I am actually going to get to do that. I am excited.

    On where he will watch the draft:
    Oh at home, mama’s house. That is where I watched Florida State for the first time. That is where my love for the game kind of grew into what it is now. You want to see your dream come true in the same place.

    On how good a job FSU does in developing players:
    The best in the country. Coaching aside, obviously there are no Mickey Andrews out there. There are no Odell Haggins out there. There are none of those guys. Set the coaching aside, I am practicing against (Dallas Cowboy) Antonio Cromartie every day, Buster Davis. You know Leon Washington. All of these guys. So from that standpoint, just from playing against the competition here, I am going to be more ready than anyone else in the country.

    On whether he has talked to any of the new coaches:
    It was funny, I was talking to (offensive coordinator) Jimbo (Fisher) and he was like `I was watching the tape the other day and found myself drawing plays like you were coming back’. I am excited about them. It is nice to see guys that love the game. Obviously (Jimbo) did a great job at LSU. Talking to (former LSU quarterback) JaMarcus (Russell) and (former LSU receiver) Dwayne Bowe, they love him. There were times they felt like `what is Jim doing’ and then Dwayne said he would end up in the end zone and he was like `this stuff really works’. I am excited. Like I said I feel the best talent here is in country. If you can win at LSU, you can win here.

    Chris Davis

    On performing on pro day:
    Any time you get in front of 20 or 30-something scouts, NFL scouts and you trying to get a spot on their team, it is real big to show up. Show them what you can do.

    On what he has heard about possible teams that will draft him:
    Oh man, I heard all the way up to three to seventh. I don’t think I did anything but help myself. I talked to a lot of the scouts and coaches and they were pretty pleased.

    Lawrence Timmons

    On the importance of Thursday’s workout for him:
    It wasn’t a bad day. I didn’t get some of the numbers I wanted especially in the forty but it turned out real well.

    On his interaction with new Pittsburgh Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomlin:
    It was good. It is always good to meet a head coach here. Growing up in South Carolina you wouldn’t think you’d be able to meet a person like that. It is just a great experience.

    On the experience:
    It is just crazy meeting all the guys you see on TV on Sunday when you are sitting home looking at the guys. Now this guy is shaking your hand saying you how much he likes you. It is a different feeling.

    Mario Henderson

    On how pro day went:
    It was exciting. I have been wanting to get a chance to come out here and show the scouts that I can play. Like a lot of them haven’t really seen my film. Today is a good chance. You are on your home campus and they come out to see you. Today was a good day.

    On how he worked out:
    I think I did pretty good. I might not have done so good in the bench or anything like that but the thing I felt to day is I showed them that I can actually play football. That was one of the real reasons I wanted a chance to get out to showcase. Lots of teams haven’t seen me on film or anything like that. Once I came out here…like a lot of times I talk to guys and they said `you look good in all-star games. I am going to start watching film’ and stuff like that. I felt like this was a good opportunity and I felt I did good.

    On what the process is like:
    Coming out of high school today I felt it was just like the Miami/Nike camps. You come out here try to work hard and show your stuff. The thing is you can’t pick your school so you can’t walk around and be the man. They are the ones that pick you so that is why you have to work very hard.

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