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Florida State-NC State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 26, 2013

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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“I’m very proud of the way we started the game. I thought on offense we came out very sharp. I thought our defense we did too – the first team defense played extremely well the whole time they were in the ball game. Offensively, we got sloppy in the second quarter which we need to correct. (We) had some drops in the game and couple lacks of focus there, but (we) scored and did the things we had to do, but (we) need to play better. We tried to play a lot of young guys this game and we’ve got to get better. Our young guys are held to that same standard and to play that same level and we’ve got to get them as many reps as we can because you don’t know when an injury is going to occur or develop with fatigue. I thought we could have played better. I give NC State a lot of credit. They played hard the whole game and competed very well. (They’re) a very well-coached football team. Again, proud of our team. I thought we did what we had to do but still think we – we kept our foot on the gas, we just got sloppy and let some opportunities get away. That just shows you how – you guys wonder why a coach sometimes gets upset, how well you can be one minute and nothing change, sometimes you have a lack of focus it’s hard to change it back. Momentum is a hard thing to change. (I’m) disappointed we allowed that to happen. We have to learn to allow that not to happen because we want to be aggressive and pound them. We’ll grow from that, learn from it and move on. Very proud, we’re 7-0. It was another conference win. (We) just need to keep marching on (to) another great opportunity next weekend.”

On the festivities before the game and how they were handled:

“It was big week and the emotions of coming off a big game at Clemson. I was very proud that we’re learning to handle that thing a lot better and I was very proud of the week we had. I thought we prepared during the week very well, (I) wish we kept going through it.”

On being up 35-0 by the end of the first quarter:

“It’s a step that we’re taking. It’s a program step, not a team step but a program step and understanding how to play in those moments and bounce back and not get too high and respond back. I was proud of that, I really was.”

On junior running back Karlos Williams getting extended reps at the position:

“(He was) very good – pass protections, reads, runs. (I) kept him in there for a lot of reasons just with growth and development and I’m very pleased with the way he played. We’ll look at the film but from the side it looked pretty good.”

On the defense setting the tone very early:

“I think they’re playing outstanding. I think they’re really grasping things and doing a great job, keeping good leverage on the ball, making plays and really understanding that we have guys at the right spots now and you’re starting to see them grow and emerge and develop their identity. The front four are doing a great job, really controlling that line of scrimmage which is very important and putting pressure on the quarterback.”

On senior defensive back Terrence Brooks’ play:

“He has really grown up and developed. He’s turning into one heck of a football player in all facets, he really is.”

On junior wide receiver Rashad Greene:

“Rashad is just steady. He’s so smooth you don’t realize how fast he is. He’s so consistent, you don’t realize how good he is. He just does everything so effortless. (He’s) mentally sharp, has leadership, is just a fundamentally sound guy for a talented guy. He’s just a very well-rounded person and super football player.”

On his moments with Coach Bobby Bowden during the game:

“Yeah we did. I love the guy. I just want to pay my respects. He’s the greatest football coach in college football history in my opinion and the greatest gentleman for sure.”

On the fake punt:

“Well, did you see how many points we scored in the second half? There’s an old story a guy told me a long time ago, he was up 35-8 at halftime on a big time rival. Took his foot off the gas, lost momentum they came back and beat him 36-35 in the second half. You know who that gentleman was, Bobby Bowden playing Pitt at West Virginia. He always told me, you’ve got to keep your foot down, you’ve got to go. That’s what we’ve got to do and we lost momentum in the game, I didn’t want them to come back and we had the opportunity to run it and get momentum and get points before the half and get security of the game and get momentum of the game back – not just the points, momentum, because in the second half of that game we didn’t have a lot of the momentum, they did and we lost it a little at the end of the first half in the second quarter and that gave us momentum and got a score before the half which I thought was very critical for us to get that.”

NC State Head Coach Dave Doren

“Obviously really disappointed in the start of the game. We put our defense in the opposite position we wanted to with the turnovers and they did a good job maximizing those opportunities with the short fields and that was the opposite of what we wanted to do. We thought we could run the football which we were able to do in the second half and try to keep the ball away from an offense which we could not do early on. They are a good football team; we made it easier than we needed to early on. I think Brandon’s (Mitchell) first game back obviously didn’t start the way he wanted to and pressed a little bit, tried to make too many plays then settled down and started to play better as the game went on.”

Can Florida State compete for a national championship…

“Yeah, I said that to Jimbo (Fisher) afterwards – go win the whole thing. He’s got a quarterback playing at a high level, their offensive line is protecting him, their receivers make plays, they have good backs, their defense is playing at a high level. They are not missing anything ingredient-wise. They’ve got a lot of good things going right now for them.”

Is Jameis Winston as good as advertised…

“Yeah, going into the game everybody has been bragging about him all week and it’s well deserved. He’s accurate, he’s got good players, they run a good scheme, they protect him … that’s what I told our guys in there – that’s what a championship team looks like. They played well in all of their phases of the game – we need to aspire to play better and play like that.”

Do you take anything out of outscoring them for the final three quarters…

“I challenged our guys to win the second half. I know they had their back-ups in at some point in there but until the last reverse they ran for a touchdown I felt like we played a good half defensively. We did some better things on offense, we had had some explosive plays, it was obviously a much better performance after the first quarter.”

Did Florida State’s fake punt throw you off …

“No, I’m just mad we didn’t stop it. We had a guy there and we missed the tackle. We were in a sound defense right there. We actually had an extra guy to that side and didn’t make the play.”

On Shadrach Thornton’s performance…

“He’s just been really steady for about four weeks. He’s practiced really hard; he’s been focused. I knew this was going to be a big day for him if we blocked what we said we were going to block and we did. When you are a consistent guy in practice, you show up and you are the same guy every day, then you are going to continue to get better and better and better and that’s what he has done for the last month.”

Florida State defensive quotes

#55 Jacobbi McDaniel, DT

On the focus of the defense especially in the first quarter:

“We were very focused. We seem like we have to come out every week and prove ourselves. But the past is the past just like this game. The first defense the first half played an excellent game but we know that is in the past now.”

On the defense creating a turnover so quickly to help change the momentum:

“It was a momentum shift early in the game. We as a defense are trying to get the ball back to the offense as fast as possible and put the offense in a situation to drive the ball and score easy. And we do have a great offense that can capitalize on the turnovers.”

On what effect last year’s loss had on the team’s focus for this game:

“We are just trying to take each game, game-by-game, week-by-week, we are not looking ahead, just trying to stay focus. What happened to us last year kind of ruined the season for us. We just wanted to come out in this game and start fast, which we did, and end fast.”

#24 Terrance Smith, LB

On the defense setting the tone early:

“It is real big, it affects the offense (NC State’s) mentally when you come out like that and turn the ball over in the first series. It was just a momentum setter for the defense to set the tone and see how things go.”

On the first team defense not playing a snap in the second half:

“They told us at halftime that we were done for the rest of the game. It was kind of crazy seeing them drive the ball and move on us; it was a little frustrating having to sit on the sidelines.”

On the dominating performance against a team that likes to run spread:

“Our defense matches up with the spread pretty well because we have good speed all across the board. Our DB’s can go out and cover pretty much anybody and our linebackers and d-line can handle the run pretty good. I feel our defense is kind of made for the spread.”

#8 Timmy Jernigan, DT

On the first team not playing the entire second half:

“This season has been interesting. We actually as a defense haven’t played a full game but once the whole season and that was against Boston College. That’s a good thing I guess.”

On the team getting off to a fast start on both sides of the ball:

“It was crazy because it seemed like as fast as we got them off the field, we had to go right back on. Sometimes I was like `Dang, Jameis, man just incomplete one pass.’ But it was just fun; it’s fun when the offense is scoring like that and when the defense is playing at a high level.”

On the defense learning coach Pruitt’s system:

“It was different at first but we bought in to what he was saying. When he first got here it was like he was coaching a team full of freshmen because nobody knows the system. So I felt like we did a great job of adjusting and adapting to his style of coaching. I felt like it was a real good move for us. Coach Pruitt has done a great job of making us believe in what he is saying and getting everybody ready to play.”

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston

On jumping out to the big first quarter start:

“It was fun because we had to make a statement that last week was not a fluke and we had to show this NC State team, that had a lot of confidence coming in this game – they’re a good team – but we had to show them who the better team was today.”

More important this week to coming out fast and avoiding the letdown:

“To be a championship-caliber team, to get back and do the same thing – to start off fast and just grind – because we’re not taking anybody for granted.”

“We want to put them into submission and make them not want to come back. We did a good job of answering when we got a quick turnover.”

On the ability to strike quickly after the defense forces a turnover:

“It’s big when we get turnovers and it’s excellent when we get even better field position. The more we’re in good field position, the more likely we’re going to score.”

On establishing a rhythm and starting fast:

“That’s one thing that we’ve been trying to work on because early in the season we wouldn’t start fast and we wouldn’t get the ball back. … We’ve worked on that as a team and got together like, `Guys, we’ve got to start fast because in big games you can start slow and expect to win.'”

“The past three weeks, even with the bye week, our practices have been excellent. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Asked about confidence he has in his receiving corps:

“Not only our wide receivers, but I have so much confidence in our offense and our defense. Of course I’ve got excellent receivers who are going to catch anything that comes their way, but I’ve got an excellent offensive line and they’re protecting me long enough for me to get them the ball.”

About facing Miami next week:

“That’s what I came here for – FSU-Miami, FSU-Florida – just the big games and the big-game atmosphere, playing football for Florida State. We’re going to prepare the same and do everything the same, but it’s a big rivalry game so they’re going to come with it and we’ve got to come with it too.”

Receiver Rashad Greene

On what the fast start meant:

“It was a statement to ourselves that we’ve prepared well. We were able to get off to a fast start, which is something we’ve been stressing the entire season, to start faster than we have before. It just shows that if we lock in and focus and do what we’re supposed to do it can happen. We were able to go out and execute.”

On capitalizing on turnovers with scores:

“It’s important that every time you touch the ball and get a possession you try and put it in the end zone or at least get a field goal. We try to capitalize every time we get the ball.”

On taking shots at the end zone following turnovers:

“Coach Fisher calls the plays the way he calls the plays. We roll with it. We’re definitely trying to be aggressive and put points on the board and get better. That’s what it’s all about, getting better and if that’s what it takes to get better, we’re going to do it.”

On Miami rivalry:

“You definitely get pumped up for these types of games, but you have to realize that it’s football. You don’t have to do anything spectacular that we haven’t done before, just go out and play our game. It all starts with practice and preparing the right way.”

On own play with high level of consistency and productivity:

“That is definitely a goal I set, just wanting to continue to be consistent. I feel like in my years here at Florida State I’ve been a very consistent receiver and I keep stressing that and getting better. At the end I don’t look at it as far as being about me, I just want to help my team win. If that’s what it takes for our team to win, I’m all for it.”

Safety Terrence Brooks

On the importance of the big first quarter:

“It was actually very good. I love when our offense is just able to get out there and get the job done. Our job is just to get them the ball so they can do their thing. I thought we did very well of going out there playing hard, getting turnovers, three-and-outs and just keeping them from scoring and getting Jameis and the offense the ball.”

On turnover to start the game for the second consecutive week:

“It definitely gets us going a lot faster; gets us playing a lot faster. I love getting it started very fast so we don’t have to wait for them to the take the blow to us. We can go ahead and deliver the blow. It’s very beneficial for our team.”

How does the offense scoring off the turnovers benefit the defense:

“It keeps us on the field a lot more because they score too fast (laughing). As long as we keep getting turnovers it’s good because our offense is really dynamic and it gives them the ball a lot more so they can score.”

On his own interception on the first drive:

“I was pretty much reading my keys and getting a good break on the ball; knowing my fundamentals and just getting back to that and being a ballhawk.”

On importance of first quarter coming off a big victory:

“We definitely didn’t want to give them a chance to even be in the game. That was our goal and we pretty much owed them one from last year. We wanted to impose our will and not let up any.”

About Miami coming in for another big stage game:

“Every time we get an opportunity to go on the field and compete we love it. … Miami, we’re definitely going to be ready for them and we’re going to prepare well. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a big stage and that’s what we all want.”

On the high level he’s playing at now:

“I’m just a lot more comfortable. I’ve really tried to eliminate the clutter and any outside distractions. I’m getting back to how I played in high school, just being comfortable and not worrying about anything else. I’m very confident in my game and I still feel like I’ve got a lot more to prove.”

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