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Florida State-Nevada Quotes

Sept. 14, 2013

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Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“Good win. I was proud of our kids. I thought Nevada did a tremendous job early in their game plan. We knew they would play the same way they did against UCLA – keep the ball the away from you (and) move the ball very well. They did a nice job in the game. In the first quarter, we only had one possession. We had a critical mistake with a little motion on the goal line and didn’t get in and at that point you need to get the ball in the end zone. Had a critical mistake – Jameis (Winston) threw a high ball and had it picked (and) the defense was playing pretty well. I loved the way he responded – came back and had two great drives. He came out after that, got sacked, we ate it, but put together two really good drives before the half. He made two really nice throws and (we) had two great catches and players on our team picked up the tempo. I liked the way we responded by scoring at the end of the half again, which we’ve been really good at for a while. (We) came out in the second half with the two big plays, got the score, got control of the game and hit the next big one with Karlos (Williams) and got it going. There were some pass plays and the defense continued to play well. Nevada did a great job in the game. We dealt with adversity very well, made adjustments on the sidelines well. Coaches and everyone got to the players and kept them calm. I love the way our players responded. We had a lot of young guys that touched the ball tonight. Defensively, we had a lot of guys that got in the game and made plays – that’s going to be critical for us in my opinion. How good we can be I think is valued on how our youth keeps developing – developing depth, devolving players on the field. We can keep getting them quality reps and feeling comfortable putting them in the game because we have some young talented players that I really like. We just have to keep getting them ‘at-bats’. A good solid win. We had the one turnover which is unfortunate, but we were good on third down. Defense we were 4-of-14 getting off on third down. Red zone defense was good, offense was good. I’m proud of our guys, one more game. Got to continue and get ready for Bethune (Cookman) next week. 


On Karlos Williams:

“I’m not trying to say that I was rubbing a crystal ball, but that guy is a talented cat. He’s very dynamic with the ball, he’s big, he’s strong and explosive. He’s natural. When he gets space he can hit home runs and he’s hard to tackle because he’s a big, physical guy there too. He ended up with 110 yards and a 65-yard run – that run was impressive but the other runs, the four, six and eight-yard runs and pushing the pile. The way he hits it, how hard he hits it with speed and size. I was very proud. But I thought (Devonta) Freeman and (James) Wilder and (Ryan) Green, all those guys ran very well today. Karlos will provide us with a very big piece to the puzzle in my opinion as the year goes on.”


On how he feels at the depth at running back:

“Excellent. We have four quality guys there. I think Chad Abram is playing really well at fullback. I love Freddie Stevenson. Freddie is natural with the ball in his hands on offense. He can be both sides of the ball and we saw that in high school. I think he’s developing into a good fullback as well.”


On Jameis Winston after he threw the interception:

“He came over and what happened was he just threw a high ball. He had a guy wide open and just let a ball fly high. Part of that too you’ve got to realize that you’re sitting on the bench. You get one drive and all of a sudden you’re sitting on the bench for six minutes. That’s part of that growing up stage you got to do – keep yourself loose and keep you mind in the game and sometimes, it’s not a lapse, but it’s hard when you don’t get on the field for a while. He grew from it, he knew what he did, we explained it to him.  He was fine then took the sack the next drive- didn’t panic and came back the next two drives and got us going. What I liked about it was he made a mistake and he didn’t get gun shy, he went right back into it and started making throws and making plays.”


On if that is a test for Jameis Winston:

“That’s all part of things that until they happen, you don’t know. They’re going to happen in bigger games and bigger moments, you just keep growing with it. You’ve got to remember he’s just a freshman.”


On the offensive line:

“They played very well. The right side did really well, I was very pleased. That’s Reuben Carter on that side and Bobby Hart. We had a couple plays early we gave up with a little pressure and they got fired up on the sideline and started really getting after it. I was really proud with how they played the whole way through and our tight ends did a real nice job and Wilder and those guys had some good blocks too.”


On Kenny Shaw:

“Kenny has become so dependable. He does so many things. Kenny has such a great football I.Q. He’s very intelligent on the game and understands and now he’s applying it with consistency. I used to get mad at Kenny more than anyone because I knew his intelligence level and instincts and now it’s really being consistent. I’m very proud of him. I thought him and Rashad (Greene) and K.B. (Kelvin Benjamin) all played great. I thought all three of those guys did a good job. Christian Green made a big time catch on that drive before the half. I’m glad we got him involved. Then you start seeing Kermit (Whitfield) and Bobo (Wilson) and those guys getting in the game and getting those guys balls because when they did, you can see they were pretty dynamic.”

Nevada head coach Brian Polian:

“Obviously, the second half stunk.  People who are kind to us are going to try and make excuses that you are down to your third quarterback but there are no excuses.  We talked at the half about keeping our poise and making plays when we had the chance to make plays.  We talked about doing a better job coming out of the half.  And really, I think, you can tell the difference between a BCS top 10 team and a Mountain West – a high mid major — because when we don’t fit it perfectly it’s hard for us to rally and catch those guys.  That’s top 10 athleticism in the country right there and we can’t afford to make mistakes like that.


“We come back, we go three and out and we punt it to them … they break the huddle quickly and we are lackadaisical getting lineup, they run toss and we don’t have guy in the alley.  These are the types of things that things that good teams simply can’t do.  We have three kickoffs in the end zone that we take out – they get to the 13, the 10 and the 16.  Our football IQ right now is not where it needs to be and that starts with me.  Four or five personal fouls (are) unacceptable.  Some of them just happen in the course of the game – a face mask – I’m not sure about the late hit on the quarterback – I’ve got to see it on tape.  But there is other stuff that we’ve just got to be smarter.  Obviously towards the end of the game we didn’t tackle very well at all. 


“That being said – there is no excuse for the two long plays coming out of the half but I don’t think there is any doubt that our defense was very, very tired at the end of the game.  We couldn’t generate a first down in the second half.  Down to our third quarterback – Devin (Combs) get a knee in the first half and tried to go but couldn’t.  And when the opponent – and an opponent as good as this knows that you threat of a passing game is limited – they can load up the box.  That being said, in third first half I did think our offense fought their tail off.  We controlled the time of possession like we had hoped to.  I thought Chris Solomon did an outstanding job.  He’s a guy that was fourth or fifth in the depth chart in August and he started against Florida State and carried the ball 26 times for 108 yards with only a long of 23 which means he grounded it out.  He got tough yards. 


“What we have to do right now is we gotta go home, we gotta put this film on – and I told the team this – we are going to put it on and we are going to be honest about it and we are going to be truthful about it.  We are going to figure out who was competing at the end and who wasn’t and the guys that were are going to be the guys that we are going to move forward with.  We’ll be honest about this one and everybody has got to have a thick skin starting with me and our staff and our players.  And then once it’s done we are going to bury it.  And we are going to get ready for Mountain West Conference play.  We are going to go into Hawaii week 0-0.  That’s our mentality and that’s what we are going to do.  By no stretch of the imagination are we making any excuses and we are not hiding from this. 

“Like I said before, we are going to be honest about it and then we are going to bury it and we are going to get ourselves ready to play in our league.” 

Rashad Greene, WR

On the slow start to the offense and what really got things going:

“We had to settle in and get everyone on the same page. We want to come out next week definitely like we came out for the second half of this game.” 

Did anyone talk to Jameis after he started off slow and threw that interception?

“No one on the team really said anything to him after the slow start; it was all encouragement that we gave him. We had a lot of football to still play and when we scored those quick 14 points then we knew it was all better from then on.”


Karlos Williams, RB

Were you expecting to have a 100-yard game for your first time on offense :

“Of course I don’t expect to have a first game like that, it’s always our goal to move the chains and get chunks of yards to get a first down but it was a good first game”


Kenny Shaw, WR

Talking about the long pass with the face mask:

“I was surprised that I even made it to the end zone without my neck being torn off, it was a good thing that we do neck exercises before the games. But I just had to keep running through what he did, I don’t know if it was one hand or two hands, but I was happy that I came down with it because it helped change the game.”

On the offense getting going with some of the bubble screens:

“We came to the sideline and we knew that our defense was struggling because of the interception and they just looked a little tired, and that was on us, but we just knew that we had to get it going and give the defense a break”

#1 Tyler Hunter

On the turn-around pick:

“I was buzzing down in the flat and as soon as I turned around and looked at the quarterback he just kind of hit me right in my chest so I just really didn’t have a choice but to catch it.”

On feelings on coming slow and dominating after first quarter:

“We just came to the sidelines and coach made our little adjustments and from there everyone went out there and did their jobs and it paid off.”

“It was just everybody staying calm, knowing that coach has a plan and if everybody does their job we’ll be fine. So we just came to the sideline and made the adjustments and knew that we would be fine after that.”

On Karlos Williams’ transition:

“It was real nice just knowing that he’s playing really hard at running back and seeing him playing every day and knowing that if he gets an increase (in speed), he’s going to be gone. Seeing him doing it in the game was real good.”

On being thrown off by Nevada’s quarterback:

“Oh it really didn’t throw us off. We just came out and expected anything. We really didn’t expect for him not to play but he didn’t play and we were ready for it.” 

On Nevada’s slow pace throwing him off:

“Not really. We expected them to be a no huddle but it really helped us out with them not going as fast as they usually do.”


#8 Timmy Jernigan

On the turnaround:

“We made some great adjustments during the half and even in the second quarter but the thing I’m really proud of was the guys being able to lock in and stay focused throughout a tough first half.”

“They were just playing hard man and I feel like they were probably just playing a little bit harder than we were. There were some things that we had miscommunication on but coach Pruitt got it all fixed and we got it figured out and we eventually ended up stopping them.”

On adjustments made:

“That’s where Coach Pruitt is a genius. He knows his stuff and we believe in him and that’s the biggest thing which is believing in what he has to say.”

 “As the game rolled on we started to get more stops and started gaining momentum and the crowd got more into it and we fed off the crowd and fed off each other.”

On new defensive scheme:

“It feels natural now. We practice so hard getting so many reps during practice that when it’s time to play in the game, it’s pretty easy.”


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