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Florida State-Oregon Quotes

May 29, 2014

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THE MODERATOR: With us from Florida State, head coach Lonni Alameda, Maddie O’Brien and Lacey Waldrop. We will start with an opening statement from Coach.

COACH ALAMEDA: Obviously not the outcome we wanted but, you know, we’re very proud of all the work that we did to get here. I think when you get here, you can’t emulate this at any point in time during the season. We were a bit nervous, and a bit unsure of ourselves in the beginning, and Oregon took advantage of that.

Then the ability to make adjustments — hats off to Cheridan. She threw well today and Oregon took advantage of some things and Cheridan backed it up and threw well today. We didn’t make our adjustments. Now it’s time to move on to Game 2, get rest and do the things that we need to do.

Q. Maddie, what made Hawkins so effective today?

Maddie O’Brien: She is an off speed pitcher from what we have seen in the last couple of weeks and she spins the ball really well and got us out in front a little bit. Got us to watch some pitches go by and it’s not like us to do that. We played passive and she is a great pitcher, obviously.

Q. Lacey, can you talk about their lineup and what challenges they presented? Looked like they kept pressure on you all day?

Lacey Waldrop: They have a tough lineup in that they have lefty power hitters, righty power hitters; they have speed. So they were pretty much triple threats at the top of the lineup. They were tough to get out. You have to make speeds. I didn’t do a good job of hitting the strike zone today and that’s something you need to do against a potent offense like they are. They’re very strong and we’re going to have to attack them with a different game plan if we play them again.

Q. Maddie, you guys did such a great job of bouncing back in that super regional from a tough loss. What do you do as a team to bounce back from this one?

Maddie O’Brien: Just staying together, making adjustments. It’s easy in ballgames like this to turn your back, but we’ve got to stay together. We are going to need everyone through these next games coming up, staying together and believing that we do belong here.

Q. Coach, what is the plan for tomorrow? How do you regroup? What do you do? How do you spend it?

COACH ALAMEDA: Well, I think we circle up the wagons. We had a good talk and now it’s moving forward and putting the Oregon game behind us. We will get out tomorrow, swing the bats a little bit and do some scouting on Baylor. Our back is against the wall. We’ve been pretty good in that position before, so I have a lot of trust and confidence that we’re going to come out and play. THE

MODERATOR: Thank you.

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