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Florida State Press Conference Quotes

March 16, 2007

Head Coach Sue Semrau

(Opening Statement) “This is the first time in our school’s history that we’ve been in the tournament for three years in row. We’re proud to have become the program that we have been working for the last 10 years. We have a young team, a balanced team, we have good size, we have good speed and we have continued to grow up in a very difficult conference.

(On Alicia Gladden) “Gladden who has been to the last three rounds, she’s been really under the radar nationally, balanced on both ends of the floor, 1st team All-ACC defensive team which is a five player team. This team was picked b y the coaches and is quite an honor, especially in a conference as talented as the ACC. ”

(On Mara Freshour) “Freshour has really stepped into a leadership role, she has been our point guard all year after transferring to the position and we have been extremely pleased with her progress. ”

(On having a lower seed and being an underdog) “After the seedings are announced we don’t pay much attention to seeding. We were told we would wear the dark uniforms but it doesn’t really matter about the seed, it comes down with how we matchup with the opponent, whoever that might be.”

(Update on Shante Williams) “She’s been practicing for the last two days, her hip is of concern to us. At the same time she will give us a little bit of added depth that we have needed the past few games. We will see how she is today and hopefully she will be available to us this weekend.”

(On ODU guard T. J. Jordan) “I have seen a lot of her on videotape, she is a tremendous shooter, anyone who makes 100 3’s in a season is a legit shooter. She’s not just limited as a three-point shooter, she does so many things well, and is just a tremendous scorer and someone we will pay a good deal of attention to.

(On Old Dominion) We’re very excited for this matchup, Old Dominion is a tremendous program, Wendy Larry has her teams playing well year in and year out. It will be a great matchup tomorrow, they have equally as much size and speed as we do. Wendy and I talked about how we flew across the country to have a brawl out west. Overall we are looking forward to tomorrow’s game.

Alicia Gladden-

What you’ve learned about ODU:
“We saw a little of them the other day in practice and we know their a good transition team and we matchup very well. We want to try and overcome their play and take advantage of them.

Mara Freshour—

“We know the history and tradition of their program, they know how to win and we need to show them that we know how to win too. We know that they have strong post play and that their guards are just as good as ours too, we know were going to matchup well.

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