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Florida State Quotes versus Oklahoma

Sept. 18, 2011

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:
“I thought we just played a very hard fought, competitive football game. I thought we played with tremendous toughness. We gave great effort- had a lot of pride in the way we competed. We know that great games get down to two or three little plays here and there and I give Oklahoma credit. They have a team- great coaching staff. They did a great job. We have to look at ourselves and correct some of the mistakes we have and look at some of the missed opportunities- some of the plays we had called back. I’m very proud of our guys. It was one game- our goals are still ahead of us. I believe the season starts next week. We’ll try to fix it and move on.”

On if the game came down to just a few plays:
“It did. I thought that we had some great opportunities. We had a touchdown called back-on that first drive. We had a touchdown that we could have caught, but he had a big hit. Kenny Shaw is fine now. We are glad he is ok. We had a tip. They made plays- that’s what happens in great games.”

On EJ Manuel’s status:
“His shoulder was banged up. He could be fine by next week- it could be a week or two. He came back out and was ready to go back in the game. I thought Clint Trickett was playing well and they said he could have gone back in the game but I didn’t want to risk further injury.”

On both sides of the ball:
“Our kids competed- I thought they played hard. Defensively- they weathered the storm. They kept us in the football game in the end. We had those mistakes in the red zone. It was things we didn’t do. It was just discipline. You’re going to see it on the film but I know one thing, we had a lot of holding.”

On the goal line stance:
“That kept us in the ball game in the first half. They got down there on those drive and battled and kept us in it. We were able to play great defense and like I say, that’s when you control the front. I thought we did a good job in those situations.” Despite the loss, if he thinks the team is where he wants them to be: “I’m disappointed with the loss, but we had a great opportunity- we had some chances to win that football game. I’m also very encouraged that our kids can compete at the highest level. How we rebound from this and we don’t let one loss become two and we start our conference level on the road next week at Clemson- that’s going to be a great environment, they won today. I think our kids see it. They were hurting in that locker room and they should. There are some things they could have controlled.”

DE Bjoern Werner
On handling Oklahoma’s tempo this time and how the defense prepared for it:

“We practiced all summer all season and all training camp for it, were going to see it next week with Clemson cause they do the same stuff, were going to need it the whole season.”

On Oklahoma running around and them not getting caught off guard this time:
“The coaches did a great job at having us prepare for it, I had so much energy out there. Practice was way harder and faster than today, so the coaches did a great job”.

DT Everett Dawkins
On this game being so hyped and how it affects the rest of the season:

“We just have to go out there and practice hard and play hard, that’s the only thing that we can handle. Ranking and everything we can’t handle that, we took a loss today and fix some of the problems and go from there.”

On Oklahoma’s first drive and their offense doing anything different after that:
“I’m not really sure, the first drive they just got us, and then after that we just settled in and the defense did much better after the first drive.”

QB Clint Trickett

On the environment:
“The fans did a great job, they (Oklahoma) had a lot of trouble on third downs when we would back them up getting the play calls out and you can credit it to the noise, it was incredible.”

On what can be learned from this game:
“There’s so much to take from this game; we haven’t even watched the film yet. There’s going to be a lot of things to improve on and it’ll start tomorrow when we get ready for Clemson.”

On any nervousness or anxiety he experienced:
“I didn’t feel nervous at all before the game, but when coach tells you you’re going in it hits you and you begin to get a few butterflies. I’ve been in plenty of football games before and it’s something I’ve been doing my whole life so you can’t be scared of it.”

K Dustin Hopkins

On the team and where they are at following the game:
“We know we’re right there. It’s a few plays here and a few plays there that made the difference. We know we’re good enough, we know we’re there. It’s just disappointing; a few plays didn’t go our way. Conference play starts next week so we have to look forward to Clemson right now.”

On his kicks
“The good Lord was looking out for me tonight. I thought I got under the first one and wasn’t even sure it would make it there. On the second one I’ve got to credit Shawn (Powell); he made a good catch and hold and got the ball where it needed to be.”


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