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Florida State Soccer Finalizes 2000 Roster

Aug. 16, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida State Seminoles finalized their 2000 roster
Monday and are now focusing their attention on their upcoming scrimmage
with the University of Georgia at Athens on Friday.

“Being able to finalize our roster solidifies the team, ” said head coach
Patrick Baker. “We are excited and optimistic about the potential, the
challenges and the opportunities that face us in the upcoming season. I do
feel that this is the best team that’s ever been put together here and that
is exciting for us.”

The team wrapped up three-a-days and is beginning to practice twice a day
up until their trip to Athens, Ga. Coach Baker believes the three-a-day
practices served their purpose. “We’ve concluded four days of what the
players refer to as ‘hell week’. During three-a-days we have fitness and
training in the morning and training or games in the evening. Every single
player’s fitness has been at a level that is unmatched since I’ve been

Florida State enters the 2000 campaign coming off the second-best season in
the history of the program while adding the nation’s 13th best recruiting
class. “This program has turned around 100% since I arrived as a freshman,”
said senior Ashley Halter. “Coach Baker has done an excellent job in his
first year of recruiting at FSU and he has helped this program so much. I
think this is going to be a very good season for us?one of our best ever. ”

The infusion of the Southeast’s No. 3 recruiting class has brought a new
dimension to the 2000 Seminole squad. Many of the team’s seniors can
already feel the effect of this year’s recruiting class. “I expect a lot of
the freshman to start this year,” said senior Danielle “Dee” Foard.
“There’s going to be a lot of competition and that is going to raise the
level and intensity of our play.”

“There are going to be some players that got a lot of playing time last
year or even started that won’t this year and that’s going to make our team
that much deeper,” said Baker. “The interesting thing for us now that we’ve
finalized this group is to make sure that the best 11 players are on the
field and how are we going to play with that group of 11.”

Coach Baker will use the scrimmage with Georgia, the No. 6 team in the
Southeast according to Soccer Buzz, to start to make decisions on playing
time and positions. “Our focus is the University of Georgia right now, ”
said Baker. “We’ve started to dissect some tape from last year’s game but
with their new coach and system their situation has changed a little bit.”

One of the main areas that the Seminoles will look to Florida’s top
recruiting class to contribute is in scoring goals. “We have a lot of good
freshmen and a lot of fast players who have the ability to score,” said
Halter. “We have struggled putting the ball in the net in the past but I
think they (the freshmen) will help in that area. I think a lot of the
freshmen are going to make a big impact when they get in the game.”

With a highly rated recruiting class, a strong spring performance and a
successful 1999 season, the Noles look toward the 2000 campaign with high
expectations. “I think the team is looking really good this year,” said
Foard. “I think we actually have the talent to take us to the dance (NCAA

“I am very excited about this year’s team,” said co-captain Sarah Crawford.
“I know everybody is always optimistic at the beginning of the season but
talking with coach Baker over the summer and by what I have seen during the
first four or five days of practice, I think our excitement is justified. I
can’t wait to play. I wish we had a game today.”

2000 Seminole Soccer Roster

No. Name Pos. Hometown Year
1 Sarah Crawford GK Lilburn, GA SR
2 Amber Tollefson MF Boca Raton, FL FR
3 Heather Roddenberry MF Thomasville, GA SO
4 Kristin Boyce D Austin, TX FR
5 Tiffini DeGaetani D New City, NY FR
6 Ashlee Fontes D Rochester Hills, MI SO
7 Tori George D Fairfax, VA FR
8 Marte Vik Edvardsen CMF Oslo, Norway JR
9 Maren Vik Edvardsen F Oslo, Norway JR
10 Jenny Garcia MF Miramar, FL FR-R
11 Cindy Schofield F Lakeland, FL SO
12 Meredith Jones MF/D West Chester, PA SO
13 Summer Corum F Vero Beach, FL FR
14 Katie Talley MF Kennesaw, GA SO
15 Emma Breland MF Trelleborg, Sweden FR
16 April Murphy F Tulsa, OK SR
18 Sarah Deacon MF Omaha, NE SR
19 Heather Dyche D Albuquerque, NM JR-R
20 Rachael Watkin MF/D Boca Raton, FL SR
21 Danielle Foard D Falls Church, VA SR
22 Janet Burke F Fayetteville, GA FR
23 Marisha Crowe D Memphis, TN FR
24 Ashley Halter D Atlanta, GA SR
25 Christy Peacock D Lilburn, GA JR
26 Sara Dunlap MF Tallahassee, FL FR
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