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Florida State Soccer Picks Captains For 2000 Season

Aug. 16, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida State soccer named their team captains Saturday
and two seniors will lead their teammates throughout the 2000 campaign.
Midfielder Rachael Watkin and goalkeeper Sarah Crawford were selected by
the Seminole squad for captain’s honors this season.

“I think both of them are going to do a great job leading us on and off the
field,” commented head coach Patrick Baker.

Watkin enters her second year as a captain for the FSU soccer team. “I was
captain last year but it’s a little different now since it’s my senior
season,” said Watkin. “Being a senior, captain or not, is just a totally
different experience.”

“I think Rachael is going to be an even better leader for us this year,
based on her experience and how much she learned about a captain’s duties
last year,” said Baker. “It is very tough having to lead players that are
older than you but being a senior now and having this be your last go
around provides a different dimension for her as a captain.”

Crawford’s election speaks to how quickly she has assumed a leadership role
after transferring to Florida State last year. “The fact that Sarah was
elected captain despite the fact the she was a transfer is a credit to
her,” said Baker. “To have been here a year and to have other teammates and
underclassmen feel that strongly about you as a person and your abilities
says a lot about her and her character. She’s one of those dynamic
personalities that you can look up to as an underclassman and respect as a

“It’s a definite honor to be chosen as a captain by my teammates,
especially coming into this program as a transfer,” Sarah Crawford said. “A
captain’s role is to help get the team going before games and during the
match. As a goalie, the fact that I am on the field the entire game gives
me the opportunity to really push my teammates.”

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