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Florida State Student Athletes Raise Over $3,500 For Tsunami Relief

Jan. 31, 2005

A committed group of more than 20 Florida State student-athletes helped raise over $3,500 for Tsunami relief prior to the Seminole men’s basketball game against Duke on Jan. 22 at the Donald L. Tucker Center. The student-athlete volunteers collected donations from fans entering the game which were turned over to the American Red Cross. Some of the contributions were made by people who had already donated but wanted to donate more to help the disaster ridden area.

A pleasant surprise of the event was the generosity of the FSU students who attended the game. Even though most students don’t have the money to donate, they still opened up their wallets to help those in need. The student-athletes accepted donations for two hours prior to the game and at halftime of the game.

John Lata, Director of Student Services for the Department of Athletics at Florida State, was very pleased with the student-athlete turnout and even more pleased with the amount donated by the Seminole fans.

“It was neat to see so many student-athletes to take time to help people from such a far away place,” Lata said.

Among the student-athlete volunteers was Christie Lautsch of the nationally ranked women’s basketball team.

“I think every little bit helps,” said Lautsch. “By Florida State athletes helping with the Tsunami relief, we were able to raise a lot of money to help the people in need. We are so blessed as Seminole athletes and I feel like when we can do things like this, we are giving back. It’s a good feeling. Community service is what it’s all about, helping other people out. I think we did a good job of collecting from FSU students and from everybody who came out to the guys’ game that night. People all around the world are doing this, so why not us?”

By Meghann Reilly
Darren Sbraga
Sports Information Student Assistants
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