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Florida State-ULM Quotes

Sept. 3, 2011

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

On the game:

“I was proud that we played hard the whole football game. I thought our kids competed hard the whole game. I thought ULM played hard the whole football game. We knew that they were going to be different. When they were on defense, they caused us some issues. I was proud on how they stayed focused in the game and we were able to make plays at key moments of the game when we needed to-even when sometimes things weren’t going well and all of sudden, they rallied back up. We have a lot we need to clean up. We have a lot to get better on. It was a good first ball game and I think ULM has a pretty good team. I really do. They’re hard to go against. We have to get much better. We just have to keep working and we’ll get where we need to go.”

On QB EJ Manuel:

“I thought he was a little nervous in the beginning. I thought the wind caught one of those balls early-he had the wind at his back and he had a chance on that third play of the game. The wind caught him- it’s easier to throw into the wind. He got into a groove and I thought he really played well. He made some big third down throws and converted on third and long. In the second half, he came out a little tentative. He was a little lazy with his feet at times. He has to learn when you’re the starter and you’re playing from ahead like that, he’s got to think to play smart and aggressive, but I thought he came back and made some good plays. For the most part I think he scrambled well. He didn’t have any mental mistakes-he just made a poor decision when he threw that interception. They clouded the coverage-he saw it, he just thought he could juice it in there. He came right over to me and he was able to tell me what they were doing. He’s got to learn from that but for the most part I thought he had a solid day.”

On the defense:

“I’m extremely happy. They played well. What I was happy about was that ULM ran a no-huddle. We were making adjustments, we were getting our blitzes, we were getting our checks in, we’re used to what we were doing. They were empty, they had four wide-outs, they had three wide outs, they were motioning back and forth- we spent a lot of time on that. On offense we took a lot of our time taking our one’s and did something that we don’t do a lot of, so we could get ready for it because we know a lot of team do it. I thought they did a tremendous job. They controlled the line of scrimmage. They did a great job on third down. We put them in third and long situations a lot- got pressure on the passer when they threw balls down the field- they didn’t do it all that much. ULM tried to dink and dunk it in there and we had some pressure. They did an outstanding job on defense. We were physical. ULM couldn’t get any runs in and I thought up front we did a really nice job.”

WR Kenny Shaw

On how it felt to get some significant time on the field:

“It felt pretty good, the first time I went in there I had butterflies but after that first catch it all went away.”

On EJ Manuel’s performance:

“It wasn’t anything new for us, that’s what we expected from EJ and he’s showed it all spring and summer in practice and preparation.”


On how he felt the first few drives:

“The first few drives I had some jitters, but then finally settled down and sat in the pocket and delivered the ball like I do in practice. It will definitely be something I work on this week as we look ahead to Charleston Southern.”

On UL Monroe’s 3-3-5 defense:

“It was kind of tough, we thought we’d see some more stuff they did on film but they didn’t. It’s something we’ve been working on in practice, they’re a great team and did a terrific job of changing up their scheme.”

On the state of the team:

“I think there’s so much room for us to grow, we base everything off of what we do in practice because it translates right to the game. There were some things I did that I shouldn’t have but we’ll take it back to the drawing board this week and look to improve as we move forward.”

WR Greg Dent

On beating his man on the touchdown catch:

“I know if I’m open EJ will get me the ball, he did a great job of putting in a place where I could make a play on it.”

On how EJ was in the huddle:

“He was very calm and confident, I think we all felt very comfortable in there.”

CB Greg Reid

On the shutout victory:

“It means a lot. There’s still some stuff we need to work on …still some stuff we have to get better at. I’m looking forward. This game is passed us. We have to look forward to Charleston Southern and try to get a shutout each and every week.

On his punt returns:

“It was great. I gave the offense good field position. I’m the kind of guy that’s always looking to score, though. I think I need to stop trying so hard and let it come to me.”

DE Bjoern Werner

On the defense’s overall performance in the season-opener:

“It was good for the first game. Most teams, it takes a little time to get rolling with their performance. Louisiana-Monroe was a good team, and we knew that. We had a pretty good game.”

On the defensive line rotation keeping everybody fresh:

“It’s great. It’s great. I was really (tired) on the first drive, and I was shocked. Then they put Tank (Corniellius Carradine) in. Then we rotated and rotated, and I felt fresh the whole game. It was really nice to have the rotation going on for the whole game.”

On preserving the shutout in the fourth quarter:

“We always take it personal. Coach (Mark) Stoops always says, `Every yard is personal’ – whether it’s the third backups or fourth backups. Our backups did a really good job keeping the shutout. We take a lot of pride in (preventing) every yard.”

LB Vince Williams

On the season-opeinng win.

“It felt great. We were prepared. Coach (Mark) Stoops did a great job with the gameplan – simplifying the playbook, things like that. I think we did fantastic.”

On how ready the team was to hit opponents instead of teammates:

“We were so ready. Man, camp seemed like it was forever. We had the three weeks and then then the build up of the game. It was so tedious. It felt great to get out there and hit some different colored jerseys.”

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