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Florida State Volleyball Continues Second Week Of Two-A-Day Practices

Aug. 22, 2001

Kristin Frye, a junior outside hitter returns to the Lady Seminole volleyball team after a very strong year in 2000. Frye collected 280 kills for the squad’s fourth-best mark in that category, while notching 233 digs. Frye took a break from her busy day to share her feelings on practice, this year’s team, and the upcoming season.

What types of things do you and your teammates do to motivate yourselves during practice?

We try to come in with a positive attitude, make sure we are energized and can stay that way. The good thing is that if even one person is energetic the entire team can feed off of that one person and it really helps the team as whole to stay up and motivated throughout the day.

Complete this sentence: The hardest thing about practice right now is…

The hardest thing is to maintain our energy levels. After working out here in Tully two and three times a day, plus working out in the weight room twice a week it can get hard to keep up the energy we need. When we come in here and we are sluggish the practice is just worse, we are running more, and not getting as much accomplished. When we come in ready to go practice runs a lot smoother.

What strikes you most about this year’s freshmen class?

This year’s freshmen class has been great so far, they are so eager to learn. When times get tough they haven’t slowed down at all but they are doing their best to keep up.

How do you motivate yourself for practice?

I try to block everything out when I get here, just stay focused on volleyball and even though I may not have it in me I try to stay as energized as I possibly can.

Are you satisfied with where you are physically as well as mentally at this point of practice?

I think as a team we are doing good physically, I do think mentally we could come in a little more focused at times. With myself, physically I think its there, but I definitely need to come in more focused as well.

What are your goals between now and the end of practice?

My goals are to have enough endurance to be able to play five games at full strength and win. We need to have prepared ourselves as a team for other opponents that we will face and be ready and strong enough to go out there and do what we need to do to win.

What have you done to prepare yourself for the upcoming season in terms of physical conditioning?

All of us on this team worked really hard during our summer workouts and with working out in the weight room twice a week, along with two and three-a-day practices here in Tully we are working hard and doing a lot to get prepared for the season.

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