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Florida State vs. FAU Results

Jan. 21, 2006


No. 11 Florida State (1-0) vs. FAU (0-1)

January 21, 2006

Scott Speicher Tennis Center / Tallahassee, Fla.



Doubles: FSU wins point (3-0)


1. Sam Chang/Chris Westerhof (FSU) def. David Domers/Kevin Obletz, 8-4

2. #63 Maciek Sykut/Andrew Bailey (FSU) def. Mauricio Paiz/Gianfranco Dossena, 8-2

3. Chris Cloer/Jason Hood (FSU) def. Akin Akman/JP Bounassar, 8-4

Order: 2, 1, 3


Singles (4-2):

1.     #49 Sam Chang (FSU) def. Kevin Obletz (FAU)            6-1, 6-4

2.     Chris Westerhof (FSU) def. David Demers (FAU)          6-2, 6-3

3.     J.P. Bounassar (FAU) def. Chris Cloer (FSU)            4-6, 7-5, 1-0(7)

4.     #58 Maciek Sykut (FSU) def. Gianfranco Dossena (FAU)   6-4, 6-4

5.     Mauricio Paiz (FAU) def. Andrew Bailey (FSU)           6-3, 5-7, 1-0(8)

6.     Jason Hood (FSU) def. Akin Akman (FAU)                 6-2, 6-0

Order: 6, 1, 2, 4, 3, 5


FINAL SCORE:      Florida State 5,  Florida Atlantic  2

Match Comments:

r      Junior Jason Hood (FSU) gets first career doubles  win.

r      No. 36 Jonathas Sucupira and No. 72 Ytai Abougzir DNP.


Quotes from Florida State junior Jason Hood:

On doubles play

“Chris and I played really well together.  His game compliments my game.  He is really quick and has a big serve so he is a great partner to compete with.  I thought doubles went pretty smoothly.  My return was a little shaky but overall I thought we did pretty well.”


On his singles dominance

“I had a lot of adrenaline…it’s my first match so I was really excited. I was hitting really big serves and I was playing really well.  I was happy to be out there competing.”


On the team outlook

“We are really excited for the season.  We are not overconfident…we knew we had to come out and play hard today to beat these guys.  We are really thrilled that the season has finally started.”















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