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Florida State Women’s Basketball NCAA Press Conference

March 21, 2008

Florida State Seminoles
March 21, 2008 – Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa
NCAA Tournament – First Round

On playing in the NCAA Tournament:
“We are excited to be here. We (played in our) first NCAA Tournament at Iowa State in 2001. We have a strong nucleus here. They have overcome the ups and downs we’ve had this season and we are excited to continue our season.”

On playing Ohio State:
“We can compare them to a hybrid of Maryland, Georgia, and Boston College in our conference.”

On the ACC preparing the team for the NCAA Tournament:
“I can’t say enough on how the ACC prepares us for the NCAA Tournament. Our players feel confident and are excited to be back in the NCAA Tournament and to play a great school such as Ohio State.”

On Ohio State’s Star Allen:
“I have watched (Star) play for a long time. She is a big physical player who is (a) special (talent).”

On previous NCAA experience:
“It has helped develop our younger players. We play in a tough conference and that helps our confidence (coming) into the NCAA Tournament.”

On the ACC season preparing FSU for the NCAA Tournament:
“The overall atmosphere is different (as you) play on neutral courts in the NCAA Tournament. But the caliber of teams is right on cue. The ACC prepares us to face (any) team in the NCAA Tournament and doesn’t throw us off.”

On making it into the NCAA Tournament when FSU was “on the bubble”:
“We’re excited, the same way we felt last year when we found out we made the tournament. Of course it’s going to be exciting. We’re just here to win.”

On how they’re approaching the NCAA Tournament as a fresh start for the team, since it lost its top player to academics, has had three lengthy suspensions, and 16 different line-ups:
“Our coach has mentioned in practice that everybody’s record coming into this tournament is 0-0. So, we’re looking to be 1-0 on Saturday. And we’re just playing hard and getting mentally focused today.”

On whether they’re starting to develop some chemistry, given all he line-up changes that have taken place:
“Everybody on this team meshes well together, that’s why there were 16 different line-ups. So, everybody who’s in the game, we play well together and we fight hard.”

On the battle against Ohio State’s 6-4 freshman center Jantel Lavender, the Big 10 Co-Player of the Year:
“I matched up against her previously at USA Camp, so I know she’s a good player, but I’m going to just contain her and do my job. I’ve got to play hard and not let her score.”

On the experience of making a Cinderella run to the Sweet 16 run last year:
“That experience gives us a boost of confidence. We made it that far last year and people weren’t expecting us to do the same thing this year. So it’s motivation for us to do even better.”

On how the team that has had some many changes this season is coming together as the tournament starts:
“I think we’ve had that chemistry since the beginning. Everybody plays well together and plays multiple positions.”

On the confidence she has after playing so well in last year’s Sweet 16 run:
“I don’t know. I guess I gained confidence at the end of the year and just went in with a positive attitude and started playing well.”

On how much of a defensive battle she expects with Ohio State:
“No, not really. I’m just looking forward to playing hard defense and keeping them under 60 points.”

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