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Florida State Women’s Tennis Has Fun Halloween Tradition

Oct. 31, 2007

HALLOWEEN PRACTICE PHOTO GALLERY is home to the exclusive diary of junior Ania Rynarzewska as she embarks on her third year with the Florida State women’s tennis squad. New entries detailing the behind-the-scenes action with Ania and her teammates will be posted periodically throughout the season.

Florida State women’s tennis is all about the tradition. Not only celebrating teammates’ birthdays and sharing the cake, but also organizing many other fun events like team dinners and…celebration of Halloween. Every year, on that special day, the team dresses up in creative outfits and meets for practice.

“Dress up practice on Halloween is always a fun experience and is a great tradition that we have on the team,” senior Tapiwa Marobela said.

Months before the actual Halloween, the team prepares themselves for this day. The most excited are usually the freshman to whom this is the first experience of this type in their short college career.

“It was great to see everybody’s costumes. It was also a lot of fun to have some downtime with the team during regular practice hours,” freshman Katie Rybakova said.

It may seem that after the first year, Halloween practice should be less exciting to the upperclassmen who have already experienced it. Yet, this is only an illusion. The more time goes by, the more fun it gets especially that the upperclassmen can compare the creativity of their teammates from years before.

“Halloween practice this year was great. It is always interesting to see how people dress up. Yet it is funny enough that every costume actually matches that person’s personality,” senior Carolin Walter said.

The Halloween tradition on the team is not only so that the teammates can make fun of one another in a friendly and fun atmosphere but it also bonds the team together which later in the season is crucial on the trips when girls spend so much time together.

“It is so much fun to see everyone’s costumes. I think it really shows how much fun our team is and how diverse will all are. I love it,” sophomore Lauren Macfarlane said.

The diversity on the team blends perfectly together and turns out to be an ideal mix of love to competition, willingness to work hard as well as fun to be part of the women’s tennis team. It’s great to be a Lady Seminole.

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