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Florida State Wraps Up Practice For The Week Going 22 Periods

Sept. 20, 2007


Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminole football team has an early off week this year and the coaching staff is letting the players take advantage of it. FSU will not practice Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The team will return to the practice fields Monday afternoon as it continues its preparations for Alabama. On Thursday the Seminoles went through their second consecutive practice in full pads. Today’s practice lasted 22 periods.



  • Practice opened with special teams. The team once again spent a majority of the practice working against the scout teams.

  • In 7-on-7 Xavier Lee connected with Rod Owens and Greg Carr. Drew Weatherford hit De’Cody Fagg and D’Vontrey Richardson connected with Damon McDaniel. Bernard Brinson and Roger Williams recorded pass break-ups.

  • In 11-on-11 Weatherford completed passes to Preston Parker, Owens and Richard Goodman. Lee connected with Owens and Richardson hit Carr. For the defense, Darius McClure made a great diving interception and J.R. Bryant broke up a pass. Kendrick Stewart and Dekoda Watson recorded sacks. Toddrick Verdell had a sack and a quarterback hurry on back-to-back plays. It looked like he would have two sacks but Richardson was able to get away from the linebacker.

  • Practice ended with the 1:00 drill. Weatherford led the ones on a seven play TD drive. He threw just one incompletion on the march and concluded it with a TD strike in the back of the endzone to Fagg. The twos went four and out. Lee started by hitting Fagg. Brinson then broke up a pass that was intended for Owens. Following an incompletion, Russell Ball caught a Lee swing pass on fourth down but came up short of the first.




Executive Head Coach Mickey Andrews
“Today was kind of a mixture of a Tuesday and a Wednesday practice.  We had not been able to do our one minute drill outside at all for the last two weeks.  We worked on that a little bit.  We worked on long yardage situations and a little bit of inside runs.  The offense did a good job – the first group did a good job at the end in the one minute drill.  They drove the ball down the field and scored a touchdown and won the football game.  The defense didn’t do enough to win a football game in the fourth quarter like that.  That’s pretty discouraging.  We weren’t serious enough about winning the football game.  We have to have more effort and more execution than what we got this afternoon in that situation.”
How Beneficial Is The Extra Practice Between Games?
“We hadn’t worked two full weeks – we worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – that’s three days.  We don’t play on Saturday so you miss a day there.  It should help us as far as knowing what Alabama has done in the past – in the other games.  You always get something different; we always get something different on both sides of the ball from week to week when you play a team.  We got a little head start as far as learning the things that Alabama has tried to do in their previous ball games.  We will look at the Georgia game to finalize our game plan next week.  We will get an extra day of work in next week that you normally don’t get.  Extra work should help you but you still have to go out and play football.  You have to go play football, execute and play fundamentals.  We worked three or four weeks on Clemson and we didn’t do enough to win the football game.  It’s not how many days you work it’s what kind of work and what kind of preparation you got and how much you can carry over into the football game.”
What Impresses You About Alabama?
“They haven’t lost a ball game; they are undefeated.  The quarterback is playing very well for them; they have excellent receivers, maybe a couple of great receivers.  The running game is solid; they have some backs who can break and go the distance.  The running back – Terry Grant – we recruited him.  He’s a kid that won the Mississippi 100 meters for like three or four years in a row.  He can rally run.  Maybe as good an offensive lineman as there is in the country named (Andre) Smith.  A solid football team. Anytime you average 40 points a game, 495 yards of total offense – you have to be doing something good.  That’s including going against a very good Arkansas team.”
Junior Linebacker Toddrick Verdell
“After the first game at Clemson our goal was to cut down on our missed tackles – we had 31 missed tackles.  The major thing is that we have been getting better with our tackling.  Coach Amato told me he wanted to get me in because I have been learning so many positions and I have been rally focusing on the Will (linebacker position) right now and he has told me that I am getting a lot better.”
On Playing Alabama
“We have to go out and play hard.  They are a good football team; they have a great back and they have a great corps of receiver.  Our goal is to go out and play hard and play fast so we can get a win.”
Junior Wide Receiver Greg Carr
“Practice has been going well.  Not like we want it to go really but we are starting to make progress and we continue to get better each day.  We are working hard and trying to do everything right the way coach wants it done.” 
On Having A Bye Week
“It’s real big and allows us to get some guys healed up and let guys get our legs back under us.  It’s real big because you actually sit down and kind of enjoy a college football games because you get to see them all throughout the weekend starting with the game that comes on tonight.  You get to kind get time of enjoy yourself and get that one trip home that you probably get throughout the season.” 
On Having Extra Time To Prepare For Alabama
“It’s real big because we know Alabama is a real good team and they are one roll.  It real big because you get to go over everything you did wrong last game as well as try to focus on more things for Alabama and try to add in little things here or there with the bye week.” 

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