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Florida State’s Queen Of Comedy

March 11, 2008

Herneshia Spurlock
Florida State Sports Information

On the court, Florida State sophomore Jacinta Monroe is one of the most aggressive, courageous, and dominant players on the team. Monroe is a fierce competitor. She keeps her eyes locked on her opponents and mimics their every move effortlessly. Being a 6-foot-4 forward definitely has its advantages. Her height gives her the ability to be an effective and dependable rebounder. It also enables her to be one of the leading blockers in the ACC. In her freshman year alone, Monroe had 63 blocks which landed her on the FSU career blocked shot list at number nine.

From a distance, her stature and assertiveness on the court appear intimidating, but if you look closely you may catch a glimpse of her infamous sly smile. That’s right, Monroe has a soft side. According to her friends and teammates Monroe is actually quite a comedian.

“I’m not surprised they think I’m the comedian,” said Monroe. “Being in a room with 10 girls who are all mad is not good. So, I usually try to find light in [our] situations or think of something silly to say.”

Monroe’s main goal is to always stay positive, even when circumstances seem to prohibit her audacious sense of humor. Last season, on the team’s trip back from Miami, their plane experienced a bit of rocky turbulence. The pilot notified the ladies that they would be flying around the storm clouds, when suddenly their plane dropped 30 ft. in the air.

“Oh, man! Everyone just woke up. Drinks and coffee were flying in the air. Everyone was praying and scared. We started reading bible scriptures,” Monroe recalled. “It was funny. Not then though.”

During this season, the players have built a noticeably stronger bond both on and off the court. Even though her teammates might not share her same sense of humor, they can always depend on Monroe for comic relief. When the team morale is low during a game, Monroe encourages them with positive words or a quick joke to get her teammates back on their feet. She admirably tries to keep spirits high. Even if she is screaming on the inside, she does her best not to let that show. Off the court, however, Monroe is quite the prankster.

“The craziest prank was when I stole Cayla [Moore’s] car,” admits Monroe. “It was so funny. She thought that we were kidnapped or something. Then a few minutes later we came rolling around the corner in her car. [When she realized] what happened, she was just laughing!”

Monroe has been the mastermind behind many of the pranks which take place amongst the team, but recently she’s been the target of some sneaky revenge antics. Right before one of their practices, someone mysteriously misplaced Monroe’s basketball shoes leaving her shoeless. Unfortunately, she was reprimanded for not being properly dressed. Despite the pranks and practical jokes of her lighthearted nature, Monroe feels she adds charisma, trust and excitement to the team.

“I’m very trustworthy,” added Monroe. “My teammates know that they cam trust me…in the future I hope to offer leadership to the team also.”

Leadership is a quality Monroe will be sure to bring in the seasons to come. With a Sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA Tournament already under her belt as well as the wisdom and experience she’s gained from veteran players and her coaches, there seems to be nothing stopping this talented entity. She’s learned many lessons on her journey to success, but there’s one that she’s learned from her teammates sticks out above the rest, “Sleep with one eye open,” laughed Monroe.

With so much laughter and talent, there’s no telling what this Queen of Comedy will do next, on or off the court.

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