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Follow Softball on Twitter

March 29, 2011

Follow the FSU Softball Team on Twitter: @fsu_softball

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ( – Getting instantaneous news at your finger tips has become a worldwide trend in modern-day society. Being the first to get information on some of the things you love the most is another result of this technological age we live in, thanks to the wide world of Twitter.

The Florida State softball team is one of the most well-recognized, highly-regarded programs across the country. Every day there is interesting news and tidbits about the Seminoles, and fans and followers can absorb all that and more by simply following the softball team on Twitter at @FSU_softball.

Followers can look at tweets ranging from both softball and non-related softball information – whether it’s current pitcher Sarah Hamilton’s career strikeout total, how far up the all-time home run list Ashley Stager is or how hot Shayla Jackson has been at the plate in her last nine games. Information surrounding the club, from promotions, in-game updates, Dugout Club events and a whole lot more can be found through the sacred tweets of @FSU_softball.

Of course, not everything has to be about softball. Each student-athlete has an interesting makeup, and the official FSU softball Twitter page is there to make that known. What is Kirstin Austin’s favorite song? What is Briana Hamilton’s favorite movie? All the personality profiles come out on Twitter, making it important for our followers to understand the qualities that a current FSU softball student-athlete possesses. And it’s not just about the players – each coach has a neat aspect that can be shared on Twitter as well!

Join softball’s plethora of followers today and receive tweets that are both entertaining and informational. If you fully enjoy everything there is to know about FSU softball, then the official Twitter page is where you’ll want to be.

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