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Football Continues Spring Practice With Half Scrimmage on Thursday

April 3, 2003

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida State football team worked six periods at the practice fields Thursday afternoon before heading to Doak Campbell Stadium where the Seminoles held their second straight half scrimmage. Coach Bobby Bowden had to alter the scrimmage because so many players are being held out of drills with injuries.

“I hope we can finish the spring training without any more injuries,” Bowden said. “The scrimmage looked ragged at times and good at times. We’re very thin right now, so we’re going pass skeleton in between series. We let the first team get in there and after six plays, we get them out and let the other guys come in and just throw some passes and so many plays. This way we can give the first team a rest so they can go again. Today was nearly a one vs. one all day because we don’t have a second unit completely.”

In scrimmage action, Chris Rix went 4-for-7 for 49 yards while Fabian Walker went 4-for-6 for 67 yards and Wyatt Sexton 2-for-7 for 25 yards. Walker connected with receiver Chauncey Stovall for an impressive 37-yarder. Stovall had a solid performance with three catches for 48 yards. Dominic Robinson had two snags for 46 yards. The scrimmage concluded with goal line drills where the offense scored twice in five attempts. Rix connected with fullback B.J. Dean on the first attempt with a short pass over the middle for a score. Dean also scored a rushing touchdown.

Despite the numerous injuries, Bowden is still pleased with the progress the team has made this spring.

“We have still been able to accomplish what we could have hoped to accomplish,” Bowden said, “probably as much as we have any other spring, maybe more because our first team is having to go more plays. Instead of going six plays and out, they’re having to go six, 12 and 18. You can’t develop the depth you’d like to develop because they’re not here, but when we get these injured players back in the fall, it will really help us.”

Running back Marlon Napier suffered a sprained toe during Thursday’s practice. Miler St. Hilaire replaced him during the scrimmage and worked with the first team for the remainder of the day. Offensive tackle Alex Barron was held out of practice with an ankle sprain.

The Seminoles are scheduled to hold a full scrimmage on Saturday morning.

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