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Football Team Holds Full Scrimmage Tuesday

Aug. 23, 2005

The Florida State Seminoles held their second full scrimmage of the preseason and were able to get the passing game going as redshirt freshman Drew Weatherford threw for 401 yards. Weatherford took almost all of the snaps with the first and second offense as Xavier Lee was limited by a sore arm. Weatherford completed 21-of-34 passes, but did have a pair of deep balls picked off by senior safety Pat Watkins – one of which was returned 79 yards for a touchdown. Junior Chris Davis led all receivers with three catches for 91 yards while true freshman Richard Goodman had two grabs for 90 yards. Two other true freshmen turned in solid performances as defensive tackle Letroy Guion and defensive end Neefy Moffett had two sacks apiece. Junior tailback Lorenzo Booker had the day’s best run, scoring from 19 yards out.

The Seminoles will hold their final two-a-day practice on Wednesday with an 8:30 a.m. session and a 6:15 p.m. session.


(opening statement)

“I have never seen hotter days than I have then we have had the last two scrimmages. Probably wondering about (Xavier) Lee, he has a sore shoulder. He tried to go, he went maybe a series or something like that. It didn’t feel good so we took him out. I don’t think it is anything major. It is just a sore shoulder. A couple days rest and it will be O.K. The other guy (Drew Weatherford) got a lot of work. You can’t get too much at this stage. I was amazed that he just stood up like he did all day long. The defense was good not to hit him, which we told them not to do, don’t hit the green shirts. More big plays today than we have been having. I am sure we are making some improvement but I saw some breakdowns on both sides that we have to get straightened out. (Gary) Cismesia made all of his kicks today. He kicked with authority. He kicked it down the middle and didn’t fool with that goal post too much. He got the best of it today on that.”

(on Drew Weatherford’s performance)

“I think he has been firing the ball pretty good lately. Again, some of those wild throws were throwaways. I imagine if we look at that film we’ll see that you could have gone here or here.”

(more on Weatherford and the two young quarterbacks)

“A guy needs some success and he had some today. Both of them are getting better and better because they are so doggone young. It’s not like they are seniors and they are as good as they are going to get. They are freshmen and its all ahead of them. Good strides today and we must continue to do that every scrimmage.”

(on naming a starter)

“I am going to just keep saying they are both No. 1. You all can see what is happening. You all can see as good as I can what’s happening. To me, they are still both No. 1.”

(on the receivers)

“There were some encouraging things that happened out there today. That is what is going to have to keep happening for the next ten or 12 days before we play that ball game. We have to run more disciplined routes.”

(on Pat Watkins)

“Pat is a very good safety. He is veteran. He is tall and has good range. His range showed today. We had a couple of guys who we thought were open deep and he ran and got interceptions or knockdowns. He is playing like he is supposed to in those situations.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford

(on how he felt in the scrimmage)

“There were a couple balls that got away from me. A couple of my deep balls kind of slipped a little bit. The more reps you get, the more comfortable you get and you tend to throw with more authority and more confidence.”

(on what he wanted to accomplish in the scrimmage)

“I felt like I needed to come out and throw the ball downfield a little bit more. I have been known to just take stuff underneath. I just wanted to give our athletes a chance to go downfield and make some plays.”

(on the early interception)

“I guess it is good to get it out of the way. I am going to throw interceptions. Every quarterback does. I just wish I didn’t do it when there was an open guy right there.”

(on his performance)

“It definitely gives me a lot more confidence and I am sure it does the same for our offensive line, receivers and backs just to know that we don’t have to just rely on the run and that we can throw the ball and make plays that way as well.”

Free Safety Pat Watkins

(on his play today)

“I am just trying to get back in a groove as well as the defense. I figure I will just work as hard as I can and good plays are going to happen as long as you are working as hard as you can. I was fortunate to get two picks and motivate the defense.”

(on the defense)

“We were off and we gave up a couple of plays that we should have made. All in all, our defense has made a lot of improvement and I only see us getting better and better over time. This is just a stepping stone to what we want to achieve, which is greatness and to be the best defense in the country.”

SCRIMMAGE STATS (do not include short yardage, blitz, overtime and goalline drills)

Passing Leaders

Drew Weatherford (21-34, 401, 2 INT's)

Xavier Lee (1-3, 8 yards)

Rushing Leaders

Lorenzo Booker (3-19, 1 TD)

Leon Washington (8-18)

Antone Smith (6-15)

Pat Davis (5-13)

Jamaal Edwards (5-5)

Receiving Leaders

Chris Davis (3-91)

Richard Goodman (2-90)

De'Cody Fagg (1-43)

Matt Henshaw (2-38)

Antone Smith (1-30)

Fred Rouse (2-29)

Rod Owens (3-22)

Willie Reid (2-18)

Greg Carr (2-17)

Chase Walker (1-10)

Field Goals

Gary Cismesia (2-2, made 36, 37)

Chase Goggans (0-2, miss 37, 42)

Graham Gano (1-2, miss 37, made 42)


Pat Watkins 4

Rodney Gallon 4

Sam McGrew 4

Marcello Church 4

Letroy Guion 4

J.R. Bryant 3

Kyler Hall 3

Anthony Houllis 3

Kenny Ingram 3

Clarence Ward 3

Tackles For a Loss

Letroy Guion 3 (-7, -7, -6)

Willie Jones 2 (-6,-3)

Neefy Moffett 2 (-3,-6)

Marcello Church 2 (-8, -2)

Tony Carter 1 (-4)

Rodney Gallon 1 (-1)

Kenny Ingram 1 (-1)

Letroy Guion 2 (-7, -7)

Neefy Moffett 2 (-3,-6)

Willie Jones 1 (-6)

Marcello Church 1 (-8)


Pat Watkins 2 (79 yard return for TD, touchback)

Clarence Ward 1 (34 yard return)

Pass Break-Ups

Pat Watkins 1

Korey Mangum 1

Clarence Ward 1

Fumbles Caused

J.R. Bryant 1

Fumbles Recovered

Andre Fluellen 1

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