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Football Team Holds Two-a-Day Practice on Monday

Aug. 22, 2005

The Florida State football team practiced for 24 periods Monday morning in full pads and worked again Monday evening in shells. The first 30 minutes of the morning session were used for special teams and the Seminoles wrapped up the day with 11-on-11 and conditioning. Freshman quarterback Drew Weatherford had a pair of big plays through the air in 11-on-11 as he hit Greg Carr for a 34-yard touchdown and later found Matt Henshaw for a 20-yard gain. Buster Davis recovered a fumble and recorded a sack to lead the defense during 11-on-11. Rodney Gallon also contributed with a fumble recovery and Gerard Ross broke up a pass in goalline. The two scores during goalline came on runs by James Coleman and Pat Davis.

Following the morning practice, the freshmen got a description of the sod cemetery from Doug Mannheimer. The sod cemetery, which commemorates significant road wins and bowl victories, is located next to the Florida State practice fields. Tuesday’s scrimmage is scheduled for 9:45 a.m.

In the evening session, the team worked for 18 periods and finished up with 11-on-11 and one-minute offense. Darius McClure paced the defense in 11-on-11 with a pair of interceptions off Xavier Lee. Ernie Sims added a third interception on a Weatherford pass. Lee bounced back and connected with De’Cody Fagg for a 25-yard TD. Weatherford later hit Jamaal Edwards for a 20-yard gain. In one-minute, Lee went 3-of-5 to lead the No. 1 offense to a touchdown. After two completions to Willie Reid of 17 and 14 yards, Lorenzo Booker made a one-handed catch and took it to the endzone from 19 yards out. The No. 1 defense stopped the No. 2 offense on downs.


(opening comments)

“Today we go two-a-days. We go this morning in full pads and go tonight at 6:15. We had a decent practice for a Monday, wasn’t bad. Again, the kids are trying to pick up everything. The key is correcting their errors they made.”

(on tomorrow’s scrimmage)

“That last one was more of a situation scrimmage. Whereas the first one we had was more up and down the field. The next one will be the same way. ”

(on getting closer to naming a starter)

“I think it begins to shape up a little bit. We will wait probably until the last moment to be sure. They both are going to be number one. No matter who starts that game, they both are going to be number one quarterbacks. I am doing just like Mike Martin does his pitchers, one of them is the starter and one of them is the closer. Remember this, whoever starts this game that doesn’t mean he is going to be the starter for the next four years. That battle will go on and on and on I hope. We will just see what happens.”

(on the kicking game)

“I think everybody always is (concerned). The only thing that we have not done well with is the consistency. We have had better consistency the last two or three days. It has gotten a little bit better.”

(on the receivers)

“I think it is as talented as any we have had. You can be a talented senior or you can be a talented freshman. As far as the talent level, it is probably as good as we have had.”

(on what receiver has caught his eye)

“The guy that is probably the most consistent is Willie Reid. Chris Davis caught the ball well today too. Our tight ends had some nice catches out there. I would say Willie is the most consistent of all of them. He will make the tougher catches. When another guy might let them bat it down he will get that ball most of the time.”


Wide Receiver Greg Carr

(on practice today)

“I am just getting familiar and comfortable with the offense and getting down where I am supposed to be. Coach is telling me now that I know where to be and that I have to play at a faster pace now that I know what I am doing.”

(on surprising the coaches)

“They are some things with me being 6’6″ they maybe didn’t expect me to be as fast or agile as I am. I am just trying to get better and show that I am just not a fade route type guy and I can do a lot of other things.”

(on what he is working on)

“I am just trying to work on staying low in my routes and pumping my arms through my cuts. I am trying to work on my footwork and trying to learn from the older guys.”

Safety Darius McClure

(on recording two interceptions)

“It felt good. I was just doing my job. I was in the right place at the right time.”

(on his improved play this year)

“Last year I was doing a lot of thinking out there and was not reacting. This year I know all of the schemes and I am playing off of reaction. I am a lot more comfortable out there now. I have been in the film room a lot and trying to get everything down. If you work hard good things will come to you.”

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