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Football’s Two-a-Day Practices Continue

Aug. 19, 2005

The Seminoles worked out for 24 periods Friday morning in full pads and followed that up with an 18-period workout in shells Friday evening. During the morning session, Willie Reid had a pair of touchdown catches in goalline as the offense scored on four of eight attempts. The other scores came on the ground from Antone Smith and James Coleman. Lawrence Timmons had a pair of tackles for loss in goalline to lead the defense. During regular 11-on-11 scrimmaging in the morning, the big play for the offense came on a 35-yard TD run by Lorenzo Booker. Richard Goodman made an outstanding diving, over the shoulder catch to pick up 30 yards on a pass from Xavier Lee. Goodman also had a 20-yard reception of which 15 yards came after the catch. Buster Davis forced a fumble and Sam McGrew had a sack for the defense.

The No. 1 offense highlighted the evening practice as they found the endzone in just three plays during the one minute drill. Drew Weatherford hit Lorenzo Booker on passes of 17 and 13 yards to set up a 30-yard TD pass to De’Cody Fagg. The No. 1 defense got a sack from Willie Jones and held the second offense to (-9) yards and a turnover on downs. In 11-on-11, Weatherford hit Robert Hallback on gains of 11 and 20 yards. He connected with Willie Reid for 18 yards and Fagg for 30 yards. Xavier Lee, who was the No. 2 offense during the evening session, had a 15-yard pass to Antone Smith. The defense got sacks from D.J. Norris, Kamerion Wimbley, Andre Fluellen, and Aaron Jones in 11-on-11.

Senior center David Castillo will be excused from Saturday’s practice and scrimmage to take his MCAT exam. Castillo is a pre-med major and is hoping to attend medical school at Florida State.


(opening comments – following a.m. practice)

“We will practice twice today. We will go again tonight about 6:15. It looked like they are learning a little bit more and gaining a little bit more as they go which is what you want. We have been very fortunate on the weather. Instead of being behind we are just about on time of what we could accomplish at this point. The quarterbacks look much more familiar with what they are doing. That is just something that takes time and a lot of work. The kickers went to the stadium with the center and holder and practiced their field goals. We had a field goal practice today. We have gotten (Chase) Googans in it now. He doesn’t have quite the leg that they have got, but if he can kick them and they can’t, he is going to be the kicker. We have three of them competing for the job right now.”

(on the kicking scrimmage)

“I don’t know the results. I watched when we did them on the (practice) field live and then they went onto the (game) field and worked extra in there. Down here it looked like Googans got the best of it but he did miss his last one. I did see the other guys miss. In the scrimmage they will get more chances.”

(on the weather)

“We were talking about that today. You do all of your practicing and everything, then you get rain and it will knock one out or you are practicing in the rain and not getting in the heat. Now this year we have been in the heat every time. Soon we will have to give them something off because we are not behind. It is very important because you are working on such a time limit against a first rate opponent. We still probably need about three exhibition games before we play Miami.”

(on the evening practice)

“I thought we had a pretty good practice. We were lucky we beat the lighting. We practice in the morning at 9:45. We practice one time and we will do some scrimmaging. Practice out here for about six periods and then go over onto the (game) field.

(on the receivers)

“The guy who has caught the most passes is (Willie) Reid with 89, (Joslin) Shaw is second and he has caught 86, (De’Cody) Fagg has caught 85, and (Richard) Goodman 82. The best percentage: Reid and (Rod) Owens are catching at 88%, Fagg at 87% and (Robert) Hallback at 82%. The guys with the fewest drops are Hallback with nine and Owens with ten. I read that to the kids to kind of motivate them a little bit.”


Defensive End Kamerion Wimbley

(on practice)

“It is going pretty good. We are making progress everybody is out here working hard in the heat. We are real focused. Right now we are cleaning up some things that we saw in the scrimmage that we need to improve on so we can get ready for Miami.”

(on tomorrow’s scrimmage)

“We want to improve on the little things. We want to get our takeoffs better along the defensive line. Everyone wants to improve on assignments that were busted. We want to get it down to where there are no missed assignment. We want all 11 guys on the same page.”

Center David Castillo

(on Saturday’s MCAT schedule)

“I’m taking them over at the Florida State Law School. I just have to get up early, get breakfast, then go over there and register, listen to the instructions and take the test. I’m going to be there all day, I think they said you’ll be there about 10 hours.”

(on being ready for the test)

“No one ever is. I don’t care how much you study, there’s so much stuff going on in those books that you get lucky sometimes and there’s stuff on there that you know and there’s going to be stuff you don’t know.”

(on what the test covers)

“It covers physics I, physics II and both labs, general chem I, general chem II and both labs, organic I, organic II, organic II lab, bio I, bio II, both labs and then there’s a verbal reasoning section and two half-hour essays. There’s some stuff that is memorization, but the majority of it is critical thinking.”

(on preparing for the test)

“Over the summer, I spent the majority of the day all summer long. They tell you to take three months so that’s what I did. When we went on road trips, if I didn’t have other school work, I’d bring an MCAT book and read it on the plane and stuff like that.”

(on where he would like to go to medical school)

“I want to go here. I love Florida State. I’ve been around here a long time now, this is my sixth year. I’d love to be able to say that I did my undergrad at Florida State, played football at Florida State, and got my medical degree at Florida State. This is definitely my first choice. If I get accepted here, I don’t care where else I get accepted, I’m going here.”

(on Florida State’s new medical school)

“It’s amazing. It’s not even done yet but it’s top notch, state-of-the art. They have mock doctor’s offices, examining rooms, all kinds of things. Some of the best physicians come and teach here now. They have the best instructors, the best facilities, it’s amazing so I really hope I get the opportunity to go here.”

(on what’s more difficult, the MCAT or playing Miami)

“I don’t know, because I know I get another chance (to take the MCAT). The way I look at is if I can play in front of 85,000 or 90,000 people and millions of people in front of the TV, I can go take an exam.”

(on how all of his past injuries might help)

“I think that’s going to help me both writing my personal statement and also during my interview. A good doctor isn’t necessarily a doctor that knows a lot. If you can’t relate to your patients and they don’t feel comfortable with you, you are not a good doctor. I can definitely empathize with my patients a little bit more than the average person especially if I end up in orthopedics.”

(on the next step if he does well)

“I started writing my personal statement last semester and I haven’t totally completed it yet, but it’s about 90 percent done. I’ve already gotten all my letters of recommendation except for one, Florida State requires a peer letter. I’m just going to start applying, writing the essays they require, paying all the fees, it’s very expensive.”

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