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For The Love Of The Game

April 1, 2007

If a positive attitude can carry you a long way, then the sky may be the limit for Florida State junior Brittany Osmon. Win or lose, good weather or bad and day or night, the first baseman always has a smile on her face.

That demeanor may be more important for the San Diego native for life after softball. Unlike most college students who do not know what they want to do with themselves, Osmon has know for some time that she has wanted to be a high school math teacher.

“I just love being out here,” Osmon said. “When ever you get out on the softball field there’s nothing else in the world that matters, you’re just playing softball. If you think about all the things that stressed you out – school, family or anything – when you’re on the softball field that all goes away. It’s a game, you might as well love it.”

While she’s always wanted to work with numbers it’s tough to coach softball when you’re stuck in an office most of the day. In order to keep both softball and math in her life at the same time, Osmon has chosen to go the route of a high school math teacher.

“I really like math, but I couldn’t see myself cooped up in a cubicle all day so I decided that I wanted teach and then I could coach as well,” she noted. “When I’m teaching kids or I’m tutoring, when you see their face when they get an answer right it’s awesome.

Down the road the transition to coaching should be fairly easy for Osmon after she transitioned from an underclassmen to a leader for the Seminoles. Instead of following the crowd, Osmon has two years of underclassmen looking to her for guidance.

“If you’re going to be a teacher you’re not doing it for the pay, but it will get my by,” Osmon added. “I know it’s going to be pretty stressful my first few years, but transitioning from softball, this is stressful enough, so I don’t think teaching will be any more stressful.”

When she first came to FSU, Osmon was the Seminoles’ only option at first base as she was one of only two players to start all 63 games. The past two seasons though she has faced some welcome competition for her starting spot. Last season utility infielder Kim Hoffer saw some time there and this year she has been splitting time with junior Kelly Langston.

“I had Kim (Hoffer) pushing me last year and I think it’s fun having (Langston) out there,” Osmon said of the competition. “We really support each other, I’m really positive towards her and she’s obviously positive towards me. I like having the competition and I know if she’s going to be out there she’s going to get the job done too. I’m good at motivating myself so I’d push myself even if there wasn’t somebody there.”

Osmon had her best game of the season during the FSU Invitational as she went 2-for-3 with two runs scored and a pair of RBIs against Maine.

Even though she’s just barely halfway through her collegiate career, Osmon has already gotten a leg up on her future occupation. She gives hitting lesson here and back home as well as tutoring local high school students in math.

Osmon wants to teach algebra or precalculus and if she brings the same attitude to the classroom that she does to the field, she’ll be teach of the year before you know it.

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