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For Your ‘Nole’dge: Caroline Dadowski

Nov. 14, 2012

Through the remainder of the season, each Florida State indoor volleyball student-athlete will participate in a question and answer session that goes beyond the volleyball court and will be posted weekly on The seventh student-athlete is freshman libero Caroline Dadowski

Q&A done by sports information intern Caneka Hammonds

On biggest achievement of her life:

It would probably be going to junior national championships my 16th year of club. That year, our coach was pretty rough and we worked really hard and I was really proud, even though we didn’t do well. It was nice. Also, making it here and being able to play at Florida State.

On favorite era of history:

Definitely the Civil War era. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved that era. Also, Gettysburg is about four and a half hours away from my house in Pittsburgh so when we were younger we would always go there and I just always loved it. I thought it was cool.

On getting mistaken for her twin sister, Laura:

People always confuse us. I’m used to it, but mainly we always get the question like, “Oh are you twins?”, especially going through the airport. I never really notice it that much anymore but all of our friends and teammates notice it all the time and they are like, “wow you get asked that a lot”. It’s funny. I have two older sisters that kind of look like us so throughout high school I would just respond to all of their names because people always got us confused. It’s really funny, especially teachers.

On purposely confusing others with her twin:

We tried once when we were four years old at my grandparents’ house but we didn’t trick anyone because they all knew us. We never really had the urge to switch places, we always mentioned it but never ended up doing it.

On playing the same position as her sister and their competitiveness:

We are really competitive in everything we do, like school and volleyball but mainly we’re supportive of each other. Obviously if she does something good I’m going to try to do better than her but we support each other no matter what.

On preference for left back or middle back:

Before coming here I played middle back my whole life so I loved that but now I’m liking left back a lot more just because you see a lot more action and it’s not as much running balls down but you get the tough digs which are a lot of fun.

On hitters doing a good job at putting up a block so she can play defense around the opposing team.

Yeah they do a really good job. I’m used to, before coming here; I was always on the smaller team so we were all defensive. We wouldn’t get a lot of blocks, it would be hit everywhere so I was used to running balls down but now having a big team, they get a lot of good blocks and set it up really nicely so it’s a lot easier to play defense around them.

On believing that her teammates trust her enough to pick up their blocked hits:

I think that they trust me enough. Even if I don’t get there, I’m calling it and trying my hardest.

On game day rituals or superstitions:

Not really. I can’t think of any, I’m not really that big of a superstitious person. The only thing I can think of is I always wear a hair tie on my shoe and I also have a favorite pair of knee pads, since we have a lot of knee pads. There’s this one pair, it’s really lumpy but for some reason they are my favorite. They go through the washing machine and always come out weird but they’re my favorite pair. I like to wear them for big games. I guess that’s a superstitious thing.

On favorite thing about fall, other than volleyball:

Fall is my favorite season because my birthday is November ninth and I love the leaves changing and the cool weather, especially back home in Pittsburgh. It’s really the perfect weather. You can wear sweatshirts and not be too hot or freezing at the same time.

On what she loves about FSU:

I love it here. My mom lives in Florida so it was kind of like being far from home, which is nice but also kind of being close and being able to drive if we have to and my mom can drive up for games and stuff. It’s really nice. I love everything about FSU. The campus, the coaches, the players, everything is awesome.

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