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For Your ‘Nole’dge: Nicole Walch

Nov. 6, 2012

Through the remainder of the season, each Florida State indoor volleyball student-athlete will participate in a question and answer session that goes beyond the volleyball court and will be posted weekly on The sixth student-athlete is freshman outside hitter Nicole Walch

Q&A done by sports information intern Caneka Hammonds

On one of her greatest achievements:

Probably just my success throughout volleyball and winning the state championship (in high school), well two state championships actually.

On an item that she really should throw away but probably never will:

Probably half of my clothes because I never wear my clothes in my closet, I always wear sweat pants and sweatshirts.

On her favorite holiday:

Christmas because I get to be home with my family and almost all of my family comes into town and we get to spend time together.

On if she ever gets mistaken for a celebrity:

(Laughs) No, but people often say that I have a great voice so someone might mistake me for Beyoncé or someone.

On what work she would do for free:

I don’t know…I would probably be a volunteer teacher because I just like working with kids. I like kids a lot.

On singing:

Yeah, everyone says that I have a great voice, so I just like to entertain them. I always sing. Gokhan, our assistant coach, just loves it when I sing, he just loves it. He always tells me to and says I have a great voice too.

On being in chorus in high school:

No, but I won the fifth grade talent show, supposedly. There was not a winner but I counted myself as one. I use to play the piano when I was little, so I played the piano and sang an Alicia Keys song.

On any other musical talents:

I used to play the clarinet when I was little and then I played the piano for ten years because my grandparents owned a music store and they got me and my sister into music.

On her sister Elise’s singing talents:

I mean she tries to sing but she’s not as good as me.

On favorite set to hit being an outside hitter:

I like hitting two’s. Normally the blockers aren’t watching so me and the other outside hitters just come around and hit the ball straight down on the two.

On preferred serve:

I do both. I use to do the top spin but then I went to a float. I actually started with a float when I was younger and then I went to a top spin in high school and then I went back to a float. So I’m kind of in between. I like to switch it up sometimes just to catch the other team off guard.

On sibling competitiveness growing up on the court

When we were in high school we played together for two years and then we played together in club for two years and I didn’t really want to go to college with her because I was always in her shadow. Once she left high school I made my own name. I didn’t want to go somewhere with her just so I didn’t have to be in her shadow again, but I really missed her so I came here.

On how she felt about being in sister Elise’s shadow:

It was fine because I knew that it was her time when we were in high school, when she was a junior and senior. It was her time to shine but once she left I felt like it was my time and that I could step out of her shadow and make my own name.

On her sister playing a major role in her decision to come to FSU:

Yeah she did but my main reason was to stay closer to home because I was originally committed to Nebraska and she was at Wisconsin. I figured we would both be in the Big Ten and we could play each other and wouldn’t be that far and we would be close to each other but then she came here and so I rethought me decision. My little sister is seven years old, she was five at the time and I just didn’t want to be away from her and my family. We are a good five or six hour drive away but we can still drive and it’s worth the drive.

On her favorite thing about FSU:

The atmosphere, my teammates, I just really like all the teammates and it’s fun to be here.

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