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Frida Kinhult — For The Love Of The Game Of Golf

Frida Kinhult Complete Bio / 2019-20 Women’s Golf Statistics

Frida Kinhult is one of the highest-ranking women’s amateur golfers in the world. She is currently in the midst of her second season with the nationally-ranked Florida State women’s golf team.

Kinhult has earned 14 top-10 finishes in the past year, placed fifth in the 2019 ACC Women’s Championship and 10th in the 2019 NCAA Women’s Championship.

When she’s not competing for the Seminoles, Kinhult represents her home country on the Swedish National Team. For the past three years, Kinhult and her team have won the European Team Championship.

When for her favorite experience from this past offseason was, it was clear from Kinhult’s immediate response that winning the championship with her team was memorable.

“The European team I play for, we play for the whole country and we got the win for the third year in a row (this summer),” Kinhult said. “That was really cool to get it back to back. I always find the team events super fun because you’re playing for more than yourself.”

She also helped the World Team take home the Championship in the 2019 Arnold Palmer Cup.

While most college students spend their summer months relaxing or taking classes, Kinhult spent her offseason doing one thing – practicing.

Kinhult is constantly analyzing her game, planning how she can improve and executing that plan on the course.

“Going into the offseason you always have more time for working on things,” said Kinhult. “While in season is more about playing in the events and practicing what you really need to do in between”.

In the off chance that Kinhult isn’t physically working on her game during the off season, she’s probably talking about it with her dad.

Kinhult’s father was a golf coach for before he switched his focus to become Kinhult’s swing coach.

“He taught golf for 27 years and now he’s just focusing on me and my brother,” said Kinhult. “Sometimes it gets to be a little much when we’re sitting in the house just talking about golf all the time, but we love it.”

Golf is a family affair for Kinhult, not only is her father but also for her brother.

Kinhult said the most relaxing thing she did this summer was watching her brother compete on the European Tour for a week.

“That was the most relaxing thing I did because you’re just there on the golf course,” she said. “But it’s also so stressful because I wanted him to do well so you’re dealing with those nerves.”

Although Kinhult spends most of her time perfecting her golf game, she does like to unwind by playing some other sports.

Before Kinhult set her focus on becoming the No. 1-ranked women’s amateur golfer, she played table tennis competitively until she was 13 and still enjoys playing today. Besides playing sports, Kinhult has spent years watching ice hockey in Sweden and now follows multiple Swedish players now in the NHL.

“I overall just enjoy being around sports,” said Kinhult. “I follow a lot of teams and just try to play as much as possible.”

Kinhult’s love for sports began at a young age and has continued to grow as she has continued her journey as a collegiate student-athlete.

Whether Kinhult is in her hometown in Sweden, in Tallahassee or visiting her family’s home in Spain, golf has become her constant in life. She loves to compete around the world in different tournaments but she also gets to practice around the world. Kinhult had never lived in the United States before moving to Tallahassee, so when she was asked if she was happy to be back to Florida State and classes this fall, she could not keep from smiling.

“It was good to take some time off, but I was happy to come back,” Kinhult said. “I don’t really know if home is Sweden or Spain or here. I’m all over the place and I’m accustomed to being in each place, so every time I get to come back it’s like coming home.”

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