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From A to Z With Men’s Tennis Junior Jonathas Sucupira

Feb. 23, 2006



A is for amor

            In Portuguese–the language Sucupira speaks–amor means love.  Jonathas claims amor represents his love for life.


B is for Brazil

            Jonathas is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the world’s largest cities and certainly the biggest city in South America.  Brazil is known as the tropical country and very few tourist destinations can offer as many options as Brazil.  The country has natural beauty (including Jonathas) large popular festivities and countless protected environmental reserves.


C is for Café Shishas


Café Shishas is a local Tallahassee establishment where you can often find Jonathas.   He loves the restaurant because it is exotic and offers a low key atmosphere.


D is for Dále

            During most matches, you can hear Jonathas yelling out “dále” which translate to “let’s go” in Portuguese.


E is for Eating

            The one thing Jonathas really loves to do is eat.  His favorite Mexican food restaurant is Los Compandres on Pensacola Street.


F is for Family

            Jonathas is very close to his family.  He is the son of Joao Ruas Sucupira and Lidia Santos.  He has one sister. He also considers his Florida State tennis team a part of his family. 


G is for God

            Jonathas claims that without God nothing in his life would be possible. 



H is for Headband

            With his long, curly locks Jonathas simply cannot play a match without his hair getting in the way.  Therefore, with a headband, his hair is never a distraction.


I is for “I like Family Guy”

            Since its debut in 1999, the Emmy nominated “Family Guy” has attracted an impressively large audience, including Jonathas.  Family Guy’s passionate fan base (or as Stewie likes to call them, his “Minions”) makes it one of the top shows in the country.  So cheers to that fact that Jonathas used his letter “I” to say “I like Family Guy.”


J is for Jazz and Jonathas

            If you know Jon well, you know he loves jazz music.  Late at night when he is studying or kicking back, we’ll take a good guess jazz music is popping on his stereo.  As for his name, most people think it’s spelt wrong…that it should be Jonathan.  Well, they’re wrong!  His parents wanted to do something unique so Jonathas is the named they picked!


K is for Kids

            Simply put, Jonathas loves children and likes to be surrounded by little kiddos. He hopes to someday have his own little rascals running around the house. 


L is for Laidback

            On the court Jonathas is energetic and fun to watch but off the court is known for his laidback demeanor and personality.


M is for Ma Mão…say what!??

            If you are wondering what in the world that word means…let us explain.  Ma Mão is the nickname that Jon’s family calls him.  In Portuguese “brother” is pronounced and spelt “irmão”.  However, when he was younger Jon’s sister could not say irmão and instead it came out “ma mão.”  Since then, the nickname has stuck.


N is for Natalie Portman

            Jon loves actress Natalie Portman and he states in the 2006 media guide that she is his biggest celebrity crush. 


O is for Occupation

            After college and tennis, Jon plans to have a career or occupation in the MIS (Management Information Systems) industry because he loves computers.


P is for Perseverance

            As an athlete Jonathas understands that in order to achieve success, one must never stop trying so perseverance is an important word in his vocabulary.  As Walter Elliott (author of The Spiritual Life) once said, “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”


Q is for Quiznos

            Where do you most often find the men’s tennis team after road matches?  You guessed it, Quiznos!  Jon’s favorite meal at Quiznos‘ is the Triple Q.  


R is for Rest and Running

            He lives such a hectic life between class, tennis, and traveling so Jon says he hardly has anytime for himself.  Therefore on his days off, Jon enjoys just kicking back and resting.  The letter “r” is also for “running” because Jon is an incredible athlete.  In fact, he is so incredible that he can run three miles in 20 minutes!  Go Jon!


S is for Sunglasses

            Jon is really into fashion and accessories, especially sunglasses.  He says he loves his Ray-Bans.




T is for Tranquility

            After Jonathas provided 26 pieces of information on him for this interview, one thing is clear:  he loves peace and quiet.  So, when he chose the word tranquility for the letter “T” we weren’t surprised.  As he puts it, he loves to be free from stress or emotion and seeks tranquility whether it is at the beach, in his room or hanging out with the fellas. 




U is for Uncle 

            Jon has a really large family that includes twenty-five uncles! 


V is Victory

            Nothing makes Jon happier than winning in whatever he competes in.  Jon is extremely competitive and loves victories whether it is in tennis or any other event.


W is For Watches

            As we stated earlier (see letter “s”) Jonathas enjoys fashion and accessories. Besides sunglasses, he also enjoys collecting watches.  


X is for Xbox

            When lounging at his apartment, Jon and his buddies love to take up video games on their Xbox.   His favorite game of choice is Halo 2. 


Z is for Zany

            He is laidback but at the same time, Jon has a crazy, zany side to his personality.  What is the craziest thing that Jon has ever done?  He says scuba diving in Croatia!  SOOOO Zany!


Story By: Tamara Metcalfe, FSU Asst. SID

Fans can email her at tmetcalf@mailer.fsu.edu






























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