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From A to Z With Women’s Tennis Assistant Coach Oliver Foreman

April 26, 2006



A – Accent. After being over here for 8 years now and spending every birthday for the last 8 years on foreign soil, I can unequivocally say that according to countless Americans the English accent is the most gorgeous accent in the world.


B – Broken. When I was younger I was up in my bedroom and decided I want to play a game. Unfortunately it was on top of my wardrobe. So being the little daredevil I am I decided to start climbing. Well after a couple of grueling minutes I reached the top of the wardrobe (what felt like 20 feet in the air) was only about 8 feet tall. Little did I know the wardrobe was not attached to the wall, and so cometh the crash landing. Holding on with all my dear might the wardrobe (like a tree falling) came crashing down on top of me breaking the entire left side of my body. My left arm and leg were in a cast for a couple of months. A week later my brother pushed me down the stairs, and let me tell you with a cast on your arm and leg, well…..they found it amusing.


C – Center Court at Wimbledon. I spent my entire childhood dreaming of playing on the hallowed turf at the All England Club, competing against the number one seed first round. Of course I always won in a five set thriller.


I have 2 D’s:


Disney World. My first destination on U.S. soil was to Disney World at the tender age of 10. I thought it was ridiculously amazing, and realized from that point on that my life would be in the U.S.


Determination.  One thing I think you can never have too much off. I was brought up with many sayings in the family, however, one firmly stood out. `If you’re going to do something, do it right’, and that is something I have tried to live by my entire life.


E – Energy.        Those who are around me have come to the conclusion that I have an endless supply of it. If you need some, you know where to find me.


F – Fifteen Countries. In total I have traveled to 15 countries,primarily

for tournaments, and the occasional vacation. England, Wales, Ireland,

France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, U.S., Singapore, Australia,

New Zealand, Japan, and China.


G – Golden Child. My brothers nicknamed me this after my parents

seemed to pay more attention to me than to them. Mind you it’s only natural




when you’re the better looking of the three, isn’t that right bro?




H – Humor. Something I can’t live without in my life. I love to laugh and those around me know I like to crack a few jokes here or there.



I – IQ. For some unknown reason when I am bored, and if I’m not trying some daredevil act, or joining Coach and or the girls in a game of Sudoku, I’m completing IQ tests to see if I still have a brain. Conclusion……..just barely. 122 is my score to beat.


J – Jim Courier loses to Pete Sampras in the 1995 Australian Open 6-7, 6-7, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3. The greatest tennis match I have ever witnessed live on television. If you haven’t seen it, watch it!


K – Kettle. An appliance I cannot live without in my home. Those cups of teas in the mornings or evenings are essential, not only to me but to all the English. And if I do say so myself, I make an excellent cuppa.


L – London. A place I have to travel to when I go back home to visit my family and friends, especially since my oldest brother lives there. It just reminds me of how much I miss England with its rich traditions, and pub lunches, and of course the second greatest sporting event in the world, Wimbledon.


M – Masters. The Masters at Augusta. The greatest sporting event in the world. Recently, we saw Mickelson win by a couple of strokes. Always around this time of the year not only is the Masters a perfect way to start the season, but it’s also the time of the year when you realize how gorgeous it is to be up at 6:30 in the morning, especially if your standing on a tee box at that time.


N – National Champions. This is my ultimate goal in college tennis, and why I am here at FSU. One in the women’s and one in the men’s would be nice. Only 4 teams in the past 25 years have won this title in the Women’s, so this will be a great challenge, but I have no doubt in my mind that we can and will do it.


O – Old man. An expression I use to call my father, however he still believes he’s 27. Strange, huh?


P – Pistol Pete. My idol growing up. Without a doubt the greatest player to have ever picked up a tennis racket. There are so many things you can learn from this guy, and he of course did introduce the saying, `you’re only as good as your second serve’. Now Pete vs. Roger both in their primes would be a once every millennium type of match.


Q – Q. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Q (the character from James Bond) on the train traveling up to London. An Unbelievably nice guy. Sadly he passed away a month or two later.



R – Robert. My middle name. My father being a veterinarian thought it might be extremely humorous to give me that providing me with the initials ORF (Oliver Robert Foreman). Now in the veterinary world ORF represents a sheep’s disease, and so came the name. Let’s keep that quiet though, eh?


S – Summer Leigh. My dear girlfriend. Someone who I am very proud off and recently sacrificed her life in Tennessee leaving her family and friends behind to be close to me in Tallahassee.


T – Toby & Thomas. My brothers. Thomas is 30, and Toby is 33 (I think). Thomas is the blonde almost slightly feminine one, who recently just got married to an awesome woman, Marie. That leaves Toby, who apparently is the older, wiser one. He thinks he’s never wrong.


U – Universal Studios. When I first came to the U.S. as a family, we did the Disney World thing (which is like a whole other country in itself) and then entered Universal Studios. At that time Indiana Jones was huge, especially in the England and I had the privilege of meeting Harrison Ford’s stunt double. Now right now that may not seem a big deal but at 10 years old, it felt kind of incredible.


V – Villa. A place where I get to unwind and play 36 holes of golf everyday for 10 days. Located in Puerta Duquesa on the southern coast of Spain. I will be heading over there in July for a few days to reunite with my parents and my brothers.


W – Weather.com. Of course the internet site and the Weather Channel is now where I find most of my time thanks to a certain Head Coach checking practice conditions, match conditions, and even golf conditions.


Y – Yamaha. My first contract I ever signed for tennis rackets and clothing. I was 10, and very proud of it. Unfortunately, a few years later they left the tennis industry.



Z -Zico. The `wonder dog’. My German Shepard back home, with a fierce `play’ bite. I always miss him, and this Christmas will be one year since I last saw him.






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