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From Across The Pond: Seminole Freshman All-American Myron Rolle Checks In From London

May 15, 2007


    Sophomore rover Myron Rolle is spending part of his summer in London as part of FSU’s International Programs. The freshman All-American took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to send some photos and give Seminole fans a brief update on what his life is like across the pond.

    By Myron Rolle
    Big red busses, heavy foot traffic and smart-sounding accents. One can find all of these in London, England. I have been here for approximately two weeks. There are some experiences that I have enjoyed and others that I have not. Nevertheless, it is always interesting meeting new people, seeing historic sights and comparing my American culture with the British one.

    I have been to New York City several times in my life as it is relatively close to my home in New Jersey. I thought the diversity in the `Big Apple’ was extraordinary until I came to London. There are people from all over the world here. There are sections of the city that are dominated by a particular demographic population. For instance, Edgeware Road has a heavy Middle Eastern influence. Brixton is populated by Jamaicans. The West part of Soho has China Town. London is truly a multi-cultural city. Aside from the native London people, my classmates and flat mates here at the FSU Study Centre are fun as well. We have had a great time getting to know each other and exploring the city as a group.

    We have visited several places around the city as well. We went to Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square and even the place where William Wallace (“Braveheart”) was executed. Our tour guide always had a Ripleys-believe-it-or-not type story to accompany any place we visited. I was leaning on the “believe it not” side, but it was still interesting to hear the tales.

    I got to meet up with former FSU National Champion and All-American Garrett Johnson. We were close friends when he was in school so it was great to spend a whole day with him here in London. He is doing well and adjusting to the European lifestyle. He is truly my role model and embodies everything an ideal scholar-athlete must possess – intelligence, discipline, confidence and a heart for helping others. He has been competing all around Europe and I am planning on traveling to Scotland to see him compete. Garrett also helped me locate a weight room near the FSU Study Centre that was conducive to the type of lifts I needed to perform. The gym is in a school of a UK Olympic thrower named Scott Rider. Don’t worry, Coach Jost, I am still training and eating right – currently at 214 lbs.

    I plan on traveling a bit with my roommate, Demetrius Brown. We are going to go to Prague, Czech Republic and Casablanca, Morocco. EasyJet is the most inexpensive deal we found because everything over here is expensive. Buying a coffee from Starbucks is 3 pounds which equates to a little more than 6 dollars. I have been very judicious with my spending meaning that I learned how to cook pork chops, chicken and rice very quickly. If I ate out all the time, I’d be broke by the end of the week.

    The Tony Blair resignation is the major issue over here right now. A vote of confidence can unseat the Prime Minister. It contrasts the Presidential system in the United States with the impeachment process and so forth. Blair was apologetic about his term, but at the same time he reminded England about all the good he has done in the past 10 years. Since there is no ESPN or HBO available, I have been plugged into the BBC network getting all the latest in world news.

    There is still more to be done in this country so now I must “carry on”, “mind the gap” and say “cheers” as often as possible.

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