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From The First Tee With Matilda Castren

With a school-record seven career individual titles, Matilda Castren is one of the top golfers in Florida State history.  She has helped lead the Seminoles to nine team championships during her career and will lead the Seminoles into the ACC and NCAA Tournaments for the fourth time in her career during the coming weeks.  She sat down with seminoles.com after Florida State’s victory over Florida in match-play on April 7.

From The First Tee With Matilda Castren


1.      Brunch or Lunch? Brunch

2.      Best Twitter meme? Anything with Kermit the Frog

4.      Favorite social media platform?  Instagram

5.      Greatest music album/cd of all time?  Anything by Rihanna

6.      Favorite Buzzfeed quiz? What kind of pizza are you?

7.      Favorite sport? (Besides golf)? Ice Hockey

8.      Best restaurant in Tallahassee? Melting Pot

9.      What do you order there?  The three course meal with surf & turf

10.    What’s a typical Friday night for you?  Hanging out with my teammates

11.    Netflix or Hulu? Netflix

12.    Favorite show to binge watch?  Sex and the City

13.    Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Michael Jordan

14.    Last type of food you made from scratch?   Spaghetti with meat sauce

15.    What’s your hidden talent? I can do a day’s worth of studying in hours

16.    Favorite song to jam out to in your car when you’re alone?  Ed Sheeran –

         Shape of you

17.    Chocolate or fruity candy?  Chocolate

18.    Go to song for karaoke?  Spice Girls – Wannabe

19.    Best dance move? I am not very good at dancing

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