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From The First Tee With Morgane Metraux

With three individual victories and six top 10 finishes this year, Seminole junior Morgane Metraux is one of the hottest golfers in the country.  She will lead Florida State into its match-play event against Florida on Friday and then into the ACC Championships on April 13.  In between her preparation for the Seminoles’ upcoming events and her class schedule, Morgane spent some time with seminoles.com for her edition of From the First Tee.

From The First Tee With Morgane Metraux
1.   Brunch or lunch? 100% brunch because I don’t get to eat it often and it means
I slept in
2.   Best Twitter Meme? I don’t have twitter
3.   Who do you think is going to win Master’s? I’m not sure but I think Dustin
Johnson will have a good chance to win.
4.   Favorite social media platform? The only one I have is Snapchat
so I’ll have to go with that one
5.   Greatest rap album of all time? I’m probably in between the older albums of
Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran
7.   Favorite sport? (Besides golf) Tennis and Beach Volleyball
8.   Best restaurant in Tallahassee? Avenue
9.   What do you order there? It depends really… I haven’t been there many times
10.  What’s a typical Friday night for you? When we are not travelling and
I don’t have work due that night, couch and TV, just relaxing!
11.  Netflix or Hulu?  Neither because I don’t really watch movies
12.  Favorite show to binge watch?  I like cooking shows in general and
I watch golf
13.  Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Mmmh … Michael Jordan
14.  Last type of food you made from scratch? Chicken curry
15.  What’s your hidden talent?  I can dance but not sure it’s really hidden…?
17.  Chocolate or fruity candy?  Always chocolate 🙂 especially Lindor!
18.  Go to song for karaoke?  None… I don’t think anyone wants to hear me sing
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