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From The Locker Room: Allison Lind

Nov. 14, 2002

After transferring from South Dakota State, senior Allison Lind is approaching the end of her successful cross country career at Florida State. The former NCAA Division II All-American and ACC Performer of the Week took time out of her practice schedule to talk with sports information student assistant Tony Suarez about her team, her sport and her future.

How did you get into running?
Actually I started in sixth grade, and middle school tryouts were between that or field hockey, and our field hockey team was pretty horrible. I had always been kind of interesting in running. When I was a little baby I didn’t learn to walk, I learned to run. So I sort of got into it on my own and went out for practice and really enjoyed it.

When you run, what do you think about?
Anything, really. If it’s before a race I think about the race strategy, how the course is going to be, and how the weather is. For normal runs I think about what I have to do during the day.

If you were not into cross country, what sport would you like to play?
I played basketball in high school but I also ran cross and track, so if I wasn’t running I’d probably be playing basketball right now, and if it wasn’t for that I’d probably be playing softball because my family is really into baseball. My dad is a coach and my brother plays, so I kind of grew up with that.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
Basketball. College basketball.

Last season you started off well then got sick. How do you feel you’ve bounced back this season?
This season I really started off slow. Over the summer I didn’t do as many miles and I kind of came in ‘out of shape’ as compared to last season. I think I was really in shape last season. I’ve just been really careful about getting rest and training smart, not starting out with as many miles as I used to, and slowly working up.

What kind of sacrifices do you have to make in order to be a student-athlete?
I really don’t go out much. I focus mostly on running and school work right now, so a lot of the things I guess normal college kids do I don’t do as much.

You’re from Connecticut, and you also went to school at South Dakota State. So what part of the country is the best?
I would say the Northeast. You’ve got New York, Boston and all that culture up there. I’m glad that I have lived in those places though because you go out West and the land is so flat and it’s really pretty, and down South is really pretty. And the people are different everywhere. The winters are really nice here compared to the Midwest. I’ve loved the fact that I’ve gotten to move around and appreciate the different parts of the country.

Why did you come to FSU?
Running. I got in touch with head coach Bob Braman and he flew me down for a recruiting visit and I really liked what I saw. The people on staff here are really nice and so are the facilities we have. The fact that we have a training room is great, and the track is really nice compared to other schools.

Do you wish you were recognized as an athlete?
Not really. I guess there are certain people who like the attention, but I kind of like that it’s low key and that there isn’t so much publicity. I also like that hopefully we can make it to Nationals this year for the first time and kind of put FSU on the map this year and start from ground zero and build a program.

After graduation, what do you want to do?
I don’t know yet. My major is biology, and I’ve always thought about medical school. But graduate school is definitely in the future. I’m really interested in biology and psychology, so maybe something involving one of those areas.

Will you run marathons?
Yeah. Probably in my 30s, but that’s something that I want to do. I want to try the triathlons, too.

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