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FSU Defense Stands Up Versus Short-Handed Offense In Scrimmage

March 26, 2008

Spring Practice Central

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida State football team was back in pads and back inside Doak Campbell Stadium on Wednesday. The Seminoles went nine periods on the practice fields before spending 17 periods inside the stadium. There were plenty of highlights despite Drew Weatherford and Preston Parker both sitting out the second scrimmage of the spring.



  • Charles Howard visited practice on Wednesday.

  • Wednesday began with both field goal kickers having a good session. Graham Gano was 4-for-4 and Zack Hobby was 3-for-4. His lone miss came from 39 yards out with Dionte Allen almost getting to the kick.

  • The practice then moved to punt, position work and scout team.

  • The team then moved inside Doak for 3-on-3. Emmanuel Dunbar had a good drill registering two tackles at the first level. Neefy Moffett, Benjamin Lampkin, Paul Griffin and Jamar Jackson also took down the running back right off the bat. Dekoda Watson and Vincent Zann both had multiple tackles. Zann’s was one of the biggest hits of the day. Terrance Parks started a big day with two tackles at the third level and Korey Mangum also had a huge hit.

  • During inside drills Dunbar had two tackles for loss. Everette Brown, Roosevelt Lawson, Craig Yarborough and Rod Roberts also had tackles behind the line. Roberts’ came on the biggest hit of the drill. D’Vontrey Richardson had the biggest highlight on a very nice run.

  • The receivers and defensive backs worked in 2-on-2 during inside. Richardson completed passes to Rod Owens and Richard Goodman. Christian Ponder completed passes to Goodman, Taiwan Easterling and Lewis Givens. Anthony Leon had a pass break up.

  • During pass rush drills eight different defensive linemen got to the QB. Justin Mincey led the way getting to the QB four times, Brown, Paul Griffin, Dunbar, Budd Thacker, Moffett and Lampkin all had multiple wins. Dumaka Atkins also beat his man. Rodney Hudson was the only offensive lineman to win more than one battle while Brandon Davis, A.J. Ganguzza and Evan Bellamy also got a win.

  • In skeleton Ponder completed passes to Goodman, Rod Owens and Greg Carr. Richardson hit Easterling three times and also completed a pass to Caz Piurowski. Patrick Robinson had a pass break-up.

  • The scrimmage started in short yardage. Antone Smith had a nice conversion when he spun out of a tackle for loss and picked up a first. Smith converted another third as did Marcus Sims. The defense had one clear stop and two others were too close to call.

  • Just like Saturday, the full scrimmage started with all the plays being run from the 30 yard line. The drill got off to a good start for the defense as it started out with Benjamin Lampkin recovering a fumble. Thacker had a great drill with a sack, a QB pressure and an impressive 1-on-1 tackle on Reed in the backfield. Aaron Gresham had a tackle for loss and a big hit as did Atkins.

  • Christian Ponder had a very impressive drill. Three of his biggest plays came on runs. On one play he put a move on Kendall Smith in the backfield to avoid a sack. He also completed a screen to Bert Reed that turned into a nice gain and found Reed again on a 15 yard completion. Reed also had a big gain on a reverse. Richardson had a big play as he hit Owens deep and also had a nice play on a designed run.

  • The scrimmage moved up to the 50 yard line but the defense continued to have success. Brown, Kenny Ingram and Yarborough all had sacks. Darius McClure, Kendall Smith and Patrick Robinson broke up passes. Gresham had a QB pressure that led to a bad pass and Kevin McNeil also forced the QB to put up an early throw.

  • The biggest highlight for the offense came on a 25 yard Richardson to Reed pass.

  • When the scrimmage moved to the 20, Ponder really had his way with the defense. The redshirt sophomore ran for a TD and threw TD passes to Easterling, Owens and Antone Smith. Easterling also had a TD on a nice run where he broke a tackle to get into the end zone. Richardson did complete a TD pass to Owens from the seven and Sims had a TD run from nine yards out.

  • The defense recorded three interceptions in red zone. Parks picked off the first one. The second came on a deflection of a pass that Leon grabbed in the back of the endzone. The final INT was the result of Mincey tipping a pass at the line and Griffin coming down with the pick. Other defensive highlights included sacks by McNeil and Josh Johnson.

  • In goal line Korey Mangum started the defense off on the right foot as he blew up an Antone Smith run in the backfield. Smith did get into the end zone two plays later on a sweep from the three. Ponder scored on the final play on a bootleg from the one yard line.

  • The second team offense did not get a TD thanks to big defensive plays. Kenny Ingram stopped the first run from the three as he got into the backfield and Vince Williams finished the play with a tackle for loss. Parks continued his big day with a tackle in the backfield on a run/pass option and the last play was another tackle for loss from the one this time it was Leon who made the play.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening Statement:

“Worked on short yardage scrimmage, worked on goal line, worked on third and long and worked in the red zone. Now the defense shut the offense down pretty good today until we got in the red zone, that’s amazing, red zone is usually tougher to move the ball down there, that’s from 20 in. Offense moves pretty good down there but dadgumit, they couldn’t move it out in the field other than a couple of passes. (Terrance) Parks had a nice interception out there. Pretty good scrap. I thought the defense was really making some strides, at least they seemed to today.”


On improvement in the red zone:

“I thought the quarterbacks, both of them, got some good work and did some good things. But you still are making some young mistakes. Quarterbacks roll out instead of just throwing the ball away and getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage, getting sacked for a ten yard loss, did it two times, that is inexperience, you have to learn that.”


QB Drew Weatherford

On hurting his knee Saturday:

“It’s obviously swollen; it bothers me I’m not able to play. It’s a little unfortunate, but I’ll be all right, it’s nothing serious. I did it on Saturday. I ran in for a touchdown on a naked and I cut back and I got tangled up with Dekoda Watson.”


On how he is recuperating:

“I want to be out here as much as everybody does but nothing is going to happen except I will hurt myself and damage it more than it already is but that wouldn’t be a smart thing. We’re trying to take some time and see if it heals.”


WR Bert Reed:

On getting an opportunity to play:

“Last year, just knowing you are not going to play but still having to go out there and practice hard, which is very hard, I feel like I did. It really helped me. I took a lot of vicarious reps and running a lot of things. But it was very frustrating knowing you’re not going to play on Saturday. But this year, I’ve studied and watched more and watched what the defense is doing because I’m going to be playing on Saturday, in the game or in a scrimmage.”


On seeing how the team was in red zone last year while on the sideline:

“It was frustrating to an extent because I know what the guys are doing wrong, but it’s easier from the sideline then when you are in the game. Red zone, I guess we just got to work. It’s all about attitude; that is what coach is preaching to us. I hope we have the attitude this year because we are going to put it in at the red zone.”


CB Terrance Parks:

On his interception:

“We put in a new defense today and I just tried to read my keys and came up with a pick. It’s just good trying to get my feet wet and something like this to happen is just a confidence booster. Trying to get my feet wet helps out our defense. First I was thinking about catching the ball, if I catch the ball I can do something with it then, so I was just focusing on catching the ball. Came up lucky and I was happy about that.”


On how the defense was working today:

“We got players out there acting crazy trying to get the defense up, it builds your confidence trying to make you play hard.”


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