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FSU Defensive Quotes From Bethune-Cookman

Sept. 21, 2013

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Telvin Smith, LB

On the lack of tackling in the first quarter:
“I feel like as a defense as a whole we didn’t tackle that well. That’s day one football – you’ve got to tackle. That’s one of the biggest things we are probably going to get in trouble for when we go into the meeting room on Monday just because that’s such a big emphasis on the game.”

On having new starters on defense:
“I wouldn’t say that because everybody needs to be ready when your number is called so we practiced all week and you have to be ready when you get out there. We need to get back to the fundamentals and be sound, play football.”

On the quarterback giving a hint on the play on his interception:
“He kind of did a little gesture with his hand so it kind of told me. Anytime a quarterback moves or gives a sign I’m going to read it just like a receiver. I just went, broke down on it and made a big play.”

On if he was looking at the jumbotron returning the interception for a touchdown:
“Actually, I was going. That’s how we run with our head back. I just kind of put my head back and let it go. Put the pedal to the metal and let it go. Nobody was catching me and I knew that.”

Terrance Smith, LB

On making his first career start:
“Pretty much I knew this was my first opportunity so I just wanted to make the most out of it and show the people what I could do.”

On why he was able to make so many plays:
“They were running a lot of zone plays and I just read it right. I was able to come up and make some big tackles.”

On Telvin Smith’s interception for a touchdown:
“That changed the whole momentum of the game. They were driving, we really were on the field for most of the first quarter but when he got that pick and took it to the house it changed the whole momentum and everything started picking up after that.”

Jacobbi McDaniel, DL

On the early struggles on defense:
“It’s something we are trying to work on – dominate from the first play to the last play, but that comes with game experience. Everyone has game experience now so hopefully in the next game we can go in and establish the game early on and try to create a three-and-out.”

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