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FSU Football Forced Inside On The First Day Of Football Practice

Aug. 7, 2008

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    Tallahassee, FL – The 2008 football season got off to a bit of an inauspicious start on Thursday as the team was moved indoors due to lightning. The weather caused the football coaches to do some creative last-minute planning as the team practiced inside the Florida State Basketball Training Center for the first time in school history. The defense got a head start indoors before the two units spent a few periods working together on the two basketball courts. After the two units split up, the defense went into meetings for the rest of the evening. FSU will try to hold its first outdoor practice once again tomorrow evening.



    • Offensive tackle Joe Tonga was added to the 2008 signing class and was practicing with his new teammates tonight.
    • This year’s team motto is “Carpe Diem”, which is Latin for “Seize The Day”.



    Head Coach Bobby Bowden
    On practicing at the Florida State Basketball Training Center:

    “We had to split up and go work on the basketball courts due to the threat of lightning. One thing we have been harping on all year is about needing an indoor practice facility and this is exactly why. The weather could do the same thing tomorrow. We are going to just try and get started, go over the basics. That is all we can do right now.”


    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

    On how the first day of practice went:

    “I don’t think it takes the luster out of it (being indoors). The older guys, there wasn’t any complaining, there wasn’t even gripping, there wasn’t any confusion, they were bouncing around. I was really pleased with the young guys. Just watching them learning and make some mistakes, but their effort and their eyes, our team today, what I liked, when you coached them and did things, there was a bright look in their eyes. But I liked their attitude and demeanor.”


     DE Everette Brown:

    On the team motto `Carpe Diem’:

    “We were just looking for something that was pretty simple and different. `Carpe Diem’, it was a team effort. We all talked about it, met about it. There was a lot of different team mottos that we wanted to do this year, but we decided on `Carpe Diem’, which means seize the day, you say this everyday you go out to practice. It’s not as original as `Bad To The Bone’ but it was something the team definitely wanted to do so we feel like we have ownership over it.”


    On how the first day went with weather delays:

    “It was frustrating at times but I think we did a great job today of utilizing the basketball facility and the gym to get a good work day in. We watched film, got a lot of our films as far as fundamentals. For some of the new guys watching segment film, when coached pulled it up a lot of them were surprised that we already got it on film. It was good day, a good first day.”

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