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FSU Football Highs And Lows

Nov. 14, 1999



Longest Run From Scrimmage: 47, Travis Minor vs. Miami

Most Rushing Attempts: 29, Travis Minor vs. Clemson (100 yards)

Most Yards Rushing: 146 yards, Travis Minor vs. Miami (25 carries)

Most TD’s Rushing: 2 Travis Minor vs. North Carolina


Longest Pass Play: 84, Chris Weinke to Ron Dugans vs. Duke (TD)

Most Passes Attempted: 49 (24 completed) by Chris Weinke vs. Clemson

Most Passes Completed: 24 by Chris Weinke vs. Clemson, Virginia

Most Yards Passing: 354 yards, Chris Weinke vs. Wake Forest

Most TD Passes Thrown: 6, Chris Weinke vs. Maryland (Ties School Record)


Most Receiving Yards: 142 yards (8 rec.), Peter Warrick vs. Georgia Tech

Most Receptions in a Game: 11 (121 yards), Peter Warrick vs. Clemson

Most TD Receptions in a Game: 3, Peter Warrick vs. Duke and Maryland


Most Interceptions in a Game: 2 by Derrick Gibson at North Carolina, Clevan Thomas vs. Maryland

Longest Interception Return: 47 yards, Abdual Howard

Most Quarterback Sacks: 2 Jamal Reynolds vs. La Tech, and at North Carolina


Longest Field Goal: 47 yards (twice), Sebastian Janikowski vs. NCState

Most FG’s in a Game: 5*, Sebastian Janikowski vs. NCState

Longest Punt: 59 yards, Keith Cottrell vs. Maryland

Most Punts in a Game: 6, Keith Cottrell vs. Clemson, Virginia

Best Punting Average: 48.3 yards, Keith Cottrell on 4 punts vs. Maryland

Longest Kickoff Return: 40 , Germaine Stringer vs. Georgia Tech

Longest Punt Return: 75, Peter Warrick at North Carolina (TD)

MOST YARDS TOTAL OFFENSE: 336 (354 pass, -18 run), Chris Weinke vs. Wake Forest



Longest Run from Scrimmage: 71 by Thomas Jones (Virginia)

Most Rushes in a Game: 27 carries (169 yards) by Lamont Jordan (Maryland)

Most Yards Rushing: 169 yards (27 carries) by Lamont Jordan (Maryland)

Most TDs Rushing: 1 by several players


Most Yards Passing: 387 by Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech (25-22-0)

Most Completions: 28 by Tim Rattay, La Tech (48 attempts)

Most Attempts: 48, by Tim Rattay, La Tech (28 completions)

Longest Pass Play: 80 yards, Joe Hamilton to Dez White, Georgia Tech AND Kelly to Sanata Moss

Most TDs Passing: 4, Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech

Most INTs Passing: 4 by Jamie Barnette, NC State, Evans, Maryland


Longest Field Goal: 48, Sims Lenhardt (Duke)

Most Field Goals: 3, Sims Lenhardt (Duke)

Longest Punt: 60, Ryan Ramaro (Clemson)

Longest Kickoff Return: 77, Arrington (Maryland)

Longest Punt Return: 33, Chris Coleman (NC State)

Longest Interception Return: 38, Clark (Duke)


                               Florida State            Opponent    
Points  Scored        HIGH       51 vs. Duke       35 by Ga Tech
                       LOW    17 vs. Clemson        7 by La Tech    
Total Offense         HIGH      509 vs. Duke      501 by Ga Tech
                       LOW   356 vs. Clemson      139 by Clemson  
First Downs Rushing   HIGH         13 at UNC       10 by Ga Tech  
                       LOW         4 vs. WFU        3 by La Tech, Duke, Miami
First Downs Passing   HIGH   17 vs. Maryland       18 by Miami
                       LOW 12 vs. Ga Tech, at UNC   3 by Wake Forest, Maryland
Total Plays           HIGH    91 vs. Clemson       75 by Duke
                       LOW   68 vs. Maryland       61 by Wake Forest
Rushing Yards         HIGH   182 vs. Ga Tech      189 by Virginia
                       LOW        71 vs. WFU       19 by La Tech    
Rushing Attempts      HIGH    43 vs. Ga Tech       46 by N. Carolina
                       LOW 34 at UNC, vs.WFU       17 by La Tech    
Passing Yards         HIGH  373 vs. Maryland      387 by Ga Tech
                       LOW   258 vs. Clemson       73 by Maryland  
Passes Completed      HIGH    28 by Maryland       31 by La Tech
                       LOW    16 vs. Ga Tech       10 by NC State, Wake Forest
Passes Attempted      HIGH    49 vs. Clemson       52 by La Tech
                       LOW    29 vs. Ga Tech       20 by Wake Forest, Maryland
Passes Had Int.       HIGH   3 vs. Duke, UVa        4 by NC State, Maryland
                       LOW     0 vs. Ga Tech        0 vs. Ga Tech, Wake Forest
Penalties             HIGH        15 vs. WFU       13 by Ga Tech
                       LOW    6  vs. La Tech        2 by Virginia    
Yards Penalized       HIGH       124 vs. WFU      137 by Ga Tech    
                       LOW    53 vs. La Tech       10 by Virginia    
Fumbles               HIGH       3 vs. Miami        4 by Maryland
                       LOW  0 vs. Clem., Md.        0 by Duke, Clemson
Fumbles Lost          HIGH  1 vs. four teams        2 by NC State
                       LOW   0 several times        0 by Ga Tech, Miami
  Game               Opportunities  Results
  La Tech            3 Possessions  3 Touchdowns
  Georgia Tech      No Possessions  --
  NC State           6 Possessions  2 TD's, 4 FG
  at North Carolina  4 Possessions  3 TD's, end of half
  vs. Duke           3 Possessions  2 TD's, 1 INT
  vs. Miami           1 Possession  Punt
  vs. Wake Forest     1 Possession  1 TD
  at   Clemson        1 Possession  INT
  at   Virginia      3 Possessions  2 TD's, end of half 
  vs. Maryland       5 Possessions  3 TD's, 1 INT, 1 end of game
  TOTALS            27 Possessions  16 TD's, 4 FG's, 3 INT,3 end of half/game
  Game           Opportunities  Results
  La Tech         1 Possession  Fumble
  Georgia Tech   No Possesions  --
  NC State       2 Possessions  1 punt, 1 end of half
  North Carolina 2 Possessions  1 TD, Punt
  Duke           4 Possessions  1 TD, 3 FG's
  Miami          2 Possessions  1 TD, 1 end of half
  Wake Forest    2 Possessions  1 FG, 1 punt
  Clemson         1 Possession  End of Half
  Virginia       4 Possessions  1 TD, 3 Punts
  Maryland       2 Possessions  1 Fumble, 1 INT
  TOTALS        18 Possessions  4 TD's, 4 FG's, 3 end of half
                                6 Punts, 2 Fumbles, 1 INT

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