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FSU Football Turns Its Focus To The Blazers With 20-Period Practice

Sept. 5, 2007

  • Coach Bobby Bowden Practice Report Podcast
  • Coach Rick Trickett Practice Report Podcast

    Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State conducted its first full practice since the season-opener today. The Seminoles spent 20 periods practicing in uppers. The team worked on special teams, field goal, in position groups and versus scout teams. FSU will conclude its preparations for the Blazers on Thursday before heading to Thomasville Friday.



    • Mister Alexander suffered a torn ACL in his left knee Monday night in the Clemson game.






    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    Opening statement:

    “The big thing today was to try and get a lot of repetition.  The only way you are going to correct mistakes is do it over and over and over and over and over `till it becomes a habit.  Now that’s the big thing we tried to get across today.  Just cut out the errors and the missed assignments.  We’ll be a lot better when we do that.”

    Will being at home help this team play better?

    “It should be better because you got into an environment that was – a lot of them had never been in anything like that, especially the young ones.  Noise and distractions and things like that, I sure some of them drew a blank.  Not the whole game but it doesn’t take but one on each play – this guy this time, this guy that time, this guy another time.  Yes, I think when you play at home – that’s the home field advantage. 
    Do you have to win convincingly on Saturday against UAB?
    “Number one is to win.  I imagine Michigan would have loved just to had a win.  They would have been happy just to have had a win.  That’s our goal.  You can’t predict things like that – you don’t score this you don’t do that you don’t know.  I just want us to play the best we can. 
    On starting slow after previous Labor Day games
    “You have to consider this: When you play on a Monday night and then play on a Saturday you really don’t get but two good days of practice.  It’s hard – how are you going to get your scouting reports or get a good breakdown on them in two days.  They get seven.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  I’d be just happy to get a win.  Naturally, you hope you play your best.  That’s really all I can hope for”
    Are the players anxious to get back on the field for a game?
    “Yea, it’s quick at least you can get back out there and try to make up for what you have lost.  The sooner you play the better after a loss.  I hate to have an open date after a loss.”
    Are you anxious to see improvement after the first game?
    “You should.  If we can just correct the errors we made we will be an improved football team.  The only thing is you only have two days – you’d like to have a little more time.  I think both teams should be improved in the second game.  That’s normal.”
    Wide Receiver Preston Parker
    on the Clemson game

    “Looking at the tape the mistakes tell you how much better you can be.  All the mistakes – so much stuff could have happened if we didn’t make all of those mistakes.  It shows how much better we can be – we just have to correct those mistakes on Saturday.  I feel like we embarrassed the coaching staff.  The coaches came from good jobs and we come out her and just lost.  That hurt me bad.  I just have to represent our coaches and come out here and do what they say.  We’ve got to win.  We’ve got to bring Florida State back.  Everybody keeps talking about it but it’s got to happen.  You can’t just keep it in you mind you gat to make it come true.”
    How are you fitting into to Coach Fisher’s system?
    “I feel pretty good.  But the only thing I can think about is the fumble.  That’s all I can think about.  I can’t event think about stuff that I did good.  The only thing I’m thinking about is the fumble.  They scored soon after they gat the ball after the fumble.  That’s all I can think about.  I think I can play a big role in Jumbo Fisher’s program.”
    Linebacker Derek Nicholson
    “Tackling is about focus, want to and discipline.  We worked on tackling again, but that’s just, you know, that’s just for us to get more focused and more disciplined.  We lost that in the beginning of the game.  Of course we worked on it but we worked on UAB and trying to figure them out, get our assignments down and our checks down and what we have to do for UAB – that’s what we worked on today.”
    What was the difference between the first and second halves of the Clemson game?
    “The difference is we played ball.  We didn’t make a lot of mistakes, we didn’t have a lot of missed assignments, and we didn’t have a lot of missed tackles.  It was about focus and want to and knowing the fact that they couldn’t score any more or we had no chance at all.  We played with a sense of urgency which we needed to do.  That’s what we did in the second half.  We can’t do that any more.  We have to play four quarters if we want to be a championship defense.”
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