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FSU-Idaho Postgame Quotes

Nov. 23, 2013

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FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher
Opening Statement:

“Solid performance. I thought we were a little off in the first half. I thought we were more athletic, but I don’t think we tackled well in the first half. I thought on offense we had some lapses, mental things that we haven’t had in a while, but we overcame them (and) made plays. (We) had some guys that played really well. I’m not disappointed at all, but I don’t think we played our best. I give credit – Idaho is a very well-coached team. They do a nice job, Paul (Petrino) does a really good job and they have a nice scheme in what they do and they know how to do things. But again, it was a good outing. (We) ran the ball well, threw the ball well at times, defense got going. In the second half, I was proud of our two’s. I thought our two’s played well in the game – executed well, moved the ball up and down the field. I thought Sean (Maguire) did a nice job in there managing situations. He had a bad decision on the goal line but everything else he did a nice job. I thought we could have protected better earlier in the game up front (it) caused some issues, but I think we got that worked out. I thought Devonta (Freeman) ran really hard, (James) Wilder, Karlos (Williams), I thought the backs played hard and well. I see finally, Kenny (Shaw) got him a 100-yard game that was good, now you can quit asking me that question. I was proud of him. He’s playing well, (I was) very happy for him to catch a couple balls on senior day like that. Telvin (Smith) to make the plays that he did and again, I’m thankful for these seniors. These seniors – sending them out the right way. First undefeated home season we’ve had in a long time. To be able to do that and for them to be able to do it and go out this way, I’m very proud for them. Like I say, we still have a bunch of ball left. But, I’m glad they got a good send off at Doak and they played very well.”

On the senior class growing as players and people:
“When they grow as people, is when you see them grow as athletes. They never grew as athletes until they grew as people. If you want to be a man, you’ve got to put the child away. You’ve got to put the kid in you away if you want to be a man and I think these guys have continuously done that at a high (level), especially this last year and a half. You see them taking off and I’m very proud of them and happy for them.”

If he’s ever been on a team that’s scored 80 points:
“Yes. When I was in college. (It was) against Samford. My first game was against them, 82-9.”

On redshirt freshman backup quarterback Sean Maguire’s play:
“I’ve been very pleased with him. I thought he did a really nice job. Just game management – managing situations, getting the calls, the right checks, little things you don’t see from the stands, but very pleased the way he handled the game. (He) handled blitzes.”

On redshirt freshman Jameis Winston’s play:
“Thought he played well. I thought early he had a couple reads he could have pulled the trigger a little quicker, but we had some protection issues a couple times there. But, I thought he played a solid game.”

On junior Timmy Jernigan:
“He was like Timmy – changing the line of scrimmage. I saw a tackle he made by knocking guys into guys, his physicality is really become a technician there. When he does that with athletic ability, he’s hard to handle.”

On not padding Winston’s stats considering he’s in the Heisman Trophy race:
“It’s not right for the game. People know he played well. He was 14-of-25, 220, he had four touchdowns. He played exceptionally well and he’s on a great team. To me, stats aren’t the key for awards. It’s how well you play, how you dominate your opponent and what you do. That’s my opinion. People who look at numbers don’t really know the player.”

On playing Florida next week after the Gators lost to Georgia Southern making them not eligible for a bowl:
“It’s about us. We need to go play well. That’s all we can control. I say that, that’s all we can control is how we prepare and how we play and that’s got to be our focus.”

Idaho Head Coach Paul Petrino
On the game:

“There were some guys that I was proud of; Dezmon Epps competed his tail off; he played as hard as he could, he competed hard all game, made a bunch of plays. I thought Najee Lovett also did that; Richard Montgomery, a kid right here from Florida, had an unbelievable play the first play of the game, had a couple other nice plays, had a touchdown. It was good to see him do that. Thought Roman Runner on defense, had been a receiver, it’s only his second game, played his butt off over there. Something like that you got look for the positives; you got to build on the positives. There were some guys that played really hard and competed until the end.”

On the play of Jameis Winston:
“I thought he played pretty good. What do you say, you get beat 80-14, I wouldn’t say anyone on the other team didn’t play well.”

On what his kids learn from a game like this:
“I think a few of them learned…if I was Dezmon Epps I learned that I could play with the best there is. He played against Florida State today, those are the best players in the country and he held his own, foot for foot, play for play. If I’m Richard Montgomery…I think there was about five of them that it should build great confidence in. There are some guys that just got to build off it, guys that played their butt off as a team. We didn’t get it done. There are some guys that really held their own and played hard and that’s what we got to build on.”

QB Jameis Winston
On today’s game:
“It was a fun game. We did it for the seniors. It was a fun atmosphere for the old guys so I tried to go out there and dedicate it to them and show the hard work and dedication they put in all season.”

On his Heisman chances:
“The team. My team has been playing so phenomenal this season. We just want to continue that performance. Ultimately we have to get better. We want to get better every single day. I have to get better on certain aspects. We gotta keep it going.”

On early lapses by the team:
“When we make mistakes, it’s usually small mistakes. That can be a good thing and that can be a big thing. If we can just clear those small mistakes, I mean we’re going to be a great team.”

On next week’s game versus Florida:
“We prepare the same way every day. It doesn’t matter who we are playing. They are going to try play their best but we are going to play Seminole football and we are just going to keep doing what we’re doing.”

DT Timmy Jernigan
On the rivalry with Florida:

“They are going to come out and play us hard. Probably harder than any other team that we play. Last year they were kind of up and down a lot throughout the season but they came here and beat us so we definitely remember that and they are going to play us hard.”

On the depth of the defense:
“It is a blessing to be a part of it. To play with so many other talented guys. That’s what makes you better, being able to practice with those guys week-in, week-out, just pushing each other.”

RB Devonta Freeman
On his nearing in on 1,000 yards:

“It is just one of those things you really can’t control. You got to let God control it…I love to get it but if it don’t happen I won’t be upset.”

On play of the three RBs tonight:
“I think this was one of the best games we’ve played this season. We still got more out there. I know I left a few plays out there. I could have had more yards.”

On playing for a record-setting offense:
“It’s always cool to be on a winning team. It’s not cool to be on a losing team. It’s cool. I cherish these moments I am having with my brothers because I know it’s (these) seniors last year with me so I just cherish every moment I get.”

WR Kenny Shaw
Have you been impressed by your defense creating so many turnovers:

“No I am not impressed by it. They do it in practice week in and week out so it all starts with preparation. It’s no surprise when it comes on Saturdays.”

On having his first 100 yard game of the season in his final home game:
“It means a lot. The stats don’t mean nothing. The win means more. Just to know you put it all on the line for the seniors and the guys that changed the organization around means more than a 100-yard game.”

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