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FSU-Miami Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2013

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Jimbo Fisher

Opening Statement:

“Again, (I’m) very proud of how our guys competed in the game. We knew it was going to be a tough, physical, hard-fought game. You knew they were going to play hard. They’ve got a great ball club. Al (Golden) has done a tremendous job with those guys. They came in and battled. We played hard (and) physical, that was a physical football game – guys getting after it which is Florida State – Miami. That’s what it’s supposed to be. We still have some things we still have to continue to grow on but I’m very proud of (how) they handled a very emotional game at home. Sometimes those are harder to handle (rather) than going on the road because on the road it’s you against the road. Here, the emotion is good but it can push you too much. Our crowd was tremendous, I’d like to say thank you and I thought our assistant coaches did a great job in the game preparing and making adjustments at halftime. I thought our defense was stellar in the second half. Offensively we got very physical and we got control on both lines of scrimmage and we were able to run the football. We’ve got a great game on the road next week at Wake Forest. (We have to) put this one behind us.”

On what he told redshirt freshman Jameis Winston after he faced adversity:

“Just slow down and trust your eyes. I keep saying, at quarterback, that’s going to happen. When you keep making decisions as a quarterback you can make one that’s wrong, but I was extremely proud of the way he dealt with that. He put it behind him and came right back the second half. That’s a sign that you’re going and you have to go through that – these rivalry games, emotional games, on the road at home, don’t forget he’s a freshman too.”

On junior running back Devonta Freeman’s night leading the receivers:

“I thought they would, seven, eight men drop at times and get down the field and we talked about being patient. They weren’t going to give up tons of big plays and I thought that’s what would happen and that is what happened at times, we hit big plays at times and then we had to be patient at times. That little guy, what a warrior. You talk about a Seminole Warrior. You talk about a guy that’s heart and soul. Karlos (Williams), (James) Wilder is that way, all of them. But that little guy there, there is not an ounce of bad in his whole body and he’s a tremendous human being.

FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston

On bouncing back tonight after throwing a few interceptions:

“It’s just like baseball. You’ve got to come back and bounce back and my team really helped me through it. I told the guys `No more turnovers and we’re going to go out there and win this game.”

On what he learned tonight:

“I learned that I’ve got to keep my composure. I’ve got to keep playing and that I have an amazing team. They pulled us out of the dumps, they pulled me out of the dumps, they had my back. They told me `Hey Jameis, be you.’ I was so proud.

On the competitiveness of the game early:

“That’s what we wanted. We wanted this to be a fight. We didn’t want this to be another walk in the park, we wanted this to be a fight. We were unsatisfied with ourselves and down on ourselves, so that was a good sign that we were able to come back and fight.”

On handling the adversity:

“I’ve got to keep a smile on my face. The players feed off that and they like when I have a smile on my face. When I threw those interceptions, I still had a smile on my face even though I messed up. They’ve got to see my maturity and they have to see we can do that all the time.”

Devonta Freeman, junior running back

On rivalry game vs. Miami:

“It’s good playing them, especially when that’s your hometown. … It was just phenomenal. It’s a real rivalry game.”

On first career TD reception:

“It was set up well. It was organized well. Coach Jimbo knew they weren’t ready for it and called a great play. The whole offensive line executed. It was just a great play.”

“I didn’t even know it. I’m not the type that’s a big stat guy. If you get the W, that’s all the matters to me. I didn’t even know that was my first career touchdown catch.”

On run game and dominating time of possession:

“We just dominated. All my brothers did the right assignments. Coach Jimbo put us in great situations. The coaches prepared us well. We knew it was going to come down to the running game and we just had to be consistent.”

On the scene and all the media attention:

“For me it’s just a real humbling time, to get so much spotlight on the team.”

#26 P.J. Williams, DB

On his interception:

“I saw it coming (the whole way); peeked back one time and saw that it was a little short so I kept going and then just broke on the play. Just went up for it, had to hop on it…had to make a great play on it.”

On the adjustments the defense made in the second half:

“They did a lot mixing it up on us, a lot of heavy set. We just went in at halftime, adjusted; he talked to us and told us `if they didn’t score anymore, we would win.’ So we came out real strong and was ready to lock them down and we shut them out in the second half.”

On how good it felt to shut Miami down in the second half:

“It felt great because you knew that was a good team. It was going to be a great competition. We knew we had to come out playing hard. First half they came out pretty good, they were fighting with us and then we just had to keep fighting the whole time; the second half we shut them out.”

On the importance of the defensive stand to open the second half after Miami scored at the end of the second quarter:

“It was very important because we know we have a great offense, they are going to do good, so we knew if they didn’t score anymore we had the game. We just had to come out fighting and give our offense some momentum and they did what they were supposed to do.”

#20 Lamarcus Joyner, DB

On how much fun it is to get a win over Miami:

“It was tough; it was scary. First time in a while we played a full game as a defense. It was on edge; it was pretty tough.”

On what difference the defense did in the second half:

“When you are out there playing against family and friends and two top teams playing, emotions are at the verge. We were able to keep our wits about each other, calm down and start playing smart football.”

On how chippy the game was getting:

“Very, I tip my hat off to those guys. The score doesn’t determine how physical that team is and how good of a team that is. Those guys are some great football players. It was scary out there man, it was tough. It was emotional, it was hard-nosed football and we needed that test.”

On what was said in the locker room:

“We had to eliminate the clutter and get to the basics and the fundamentals of what we can do to handle the business and win this football game. We had success with that mentality going back out in the second half.”

#8 Timmy Jernigan, DT

On how the defense played against the run:

“We had to prove a point. Boston College came out and did a great job against us. They came out and ran it down our throats. We have been working hard to show that’s not the team, that’s not the defense we are; we can stop the run.”

On the play of the linebackers tonight:

“Definitely before the game I challenged the linebackers; I challenged the defensive line also. I challenged those guys because I felt like we needed to play even better as a front seven especially as a d-line. We got great linebackers. Telvin Smith has proven himself, he is going to proof himself every game. I just told everyone that we needed to take it up a notch; we needed to take it to another level.”

On if the defense was up for the challenge:

“I definitely feel like we did what we were supposed to do. Miami is a great team; they have a great rushing attack, one of the best in the country. We proved that we could play with the best tonight.”

Al Golden

Head Coach, Miami

How is Duke Johnson…

“I don’t know. We are trying to find out right now. As soon as we find out we will let you know.”

On the game in the third quarter…

“Had five plays on the first drive and an interception on the second one, if I remember correctly. We put our defense in a bad position; we just underthrew it. We had Stacy (Coley) on the long play and we underthrew it. Give them credit – they made all the plays, we did not and we turned the ball over twice.”

On mixing things up on defense…

“We had two interceptions, we were in a 21-14 game and obviously we put the defense on the field too many times there in the third quarter … third and the beginning of the fourth. That’s a high powered offense, make no excuses, they executed better than we did. They hit too many – the kid (Jameis Winston) did a great job of hitting his second and third receivers and they made big plays on them. We got out of position and didn’t leverage the football – obviously we have got to do a better job there.”

What did you tell your team after the game?

“Obviously we didn’t do enough in this game to put any pressure on them. We needed one more score in the first quarter to put some pressure on them and then be able to stay with the running game; once we started getting behind it unraveled a little bit.”

On Florida State…

“I give Florida State a lot of credit. That’s an excellent team and a deep team. We have to play so much better than that and we did not.”

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