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FSU Prohibits All Smoking In Stadium To Comply With State Law, Protect Fans

Aug. 24, 2004

As football season approaches, Florida State University administrators announced today there will be no smoking in Doak Campbell Stadium, even at certain designated gates as in years past.

“We really have few choices, and while we don’t want to inconvenience our fans, we sincerely hope they will understand and help us to comply with the law,” said President T. K. Wetherell.

The university is working in a number of ways to spread the word, from signs posted throughout the stadium to mailouts to Seminole Boosters, to make sure there are no surprises for smokers. FSU will prominently place this announcement:

“Smoking is not allowed in Doak Campbell Stadium. Though it is not the intent of FSU to offend those who smoke, the University is complying with the intent of Florida’s No Smoking Law to protect people from the health hazard of secondhand tobacco smoke and to implement the Florida health initiative in the State Constitution.”

FSU has sought ways to accommodate smokers in the past and still obey the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, but officials ultimately determined that there is no location in Doak Campbell Stadium that is not considered as being inside a “building” according to the law’s definition.

Other universities may be responding to the law differently than Florida State, officials said, because each stadium is designed differently and may not meet the criteria set forth by the law that would limit smoking.

The smoking ban at Doak Campbell Stadium will be year-round.

On game days only, however, smoking also will not be allowed on the decks outside the skyboxes and the University Center Club. This is a university policy change.

The FSU Police Department will be charged with enforcing the new no-smoking policies by asking fans to snuff out their cigarettes. If they don’t agree to do so, they will be asked to leave the stadium. Fans should remember that once they have left the stadium, they cannot reenter.

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